Tuesday, October 28

Falling out of October. . .

 "I am so grateful that I live in a world with October."

Oh how we cannot believe that October is about to come to a close.  The leaves have fallen off of the trees and we are starting to think about turkeys and gathering together to celebrate Thanksgiving.

The past couple of weeks have been busy as we prepared some quilt tops to be done in time for quilt market that took place the past few days in Houston, Texas. 

But in-between sewing and celebrating the numerous October birthdays in our family we had to take some time to admire the handy work that is presented every fall. 

Lacey smiled as we were chatting on the phone one day last week and captured the moment of the beautiful tree outside of her apartment patio with the sun starting to set.  The laugh? The next morning every leaf had fallen off from the wind!  Talk about good timing. 

Hopefully those of you with changing trees got to take in their beauty as well this season.
A couple of weeks ago we headed to Pipestone to join a group of scrapbooking and quilting gals at their retreat.  We want to thank them for the fun afternoon and allowing us to share our trunk show of Pastthyme Patterns and creations out of wool. It was awesome to see some smiling familiar faces!!

Of course we laughed when we left the shop about whether or not we'd make a pit stop at our favorite little gas station in the town of Ruthtown.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out our motive for the stop.  Jerky.  We didn't even take a picture 'cuz y'all know what the bag looks like we've shared it so much. . .and we may have polished the bag off before we could use it for a photo op.
The answer to that silly question was that "of course" we should stop.
Any gas station that has a gravel road leading to it with a sign that says they sell "Homemade Jerky" is a must stop in our book.  And it was that day as well.

Ever since the night at the Chippewa county fair...and the encounter with a werewolf...we have had lots of laughs about haunts.  

When we arrived at the Calumet Inn and were searching for the group we did a little looking around.  We admired the vast array of beautiful hand sewn quilts on display over railing and counter on the main floor and the upstairs.  We even went down stairs and marveled at the natural stone walls that made up the inside of the building.  While both of us gals felt an "errie" sort of sense in the basement, we didn't comment on it until we seen the book above when we called to see where the group was at.

Google the Calumet Inn in Pipestone, Mn and you will find that many people have had some 'supernatural' experiences. Doors that randomly close.  Lights that flicker.  Writing in a steamed mirror.  You can even read about them in that book above.

The younger of us two Pastthyme Gals (aka: Lacey) persistently poked the older of the two gals (aka: Darci) with eyes the size of dinner plates as she frantically pointed at the book.  It is quite obvious that one of us is a bit. . .afraid. . .of having such an encounter.  It was then we both admitted to having an "errie" feeling when we were in the basement. Needless to say it would take a lot of coaxing to get Miss. Lacey to venture back downstairs.  We think we could have a lot of fun with her!!!

But seriously, we truly enjoyed our time with the gals.  You all were working on some wonderful and quite fun projects and we hope you enjoyed the remaining part of your retreat and weekend.  Thanks for letting us be a small part of it :-)

Bare with us, we found humor and hope a couple of others will too.
Why are we showing you Lacey's dash??

Well two weeks ago she was headed home from South Dakota and noticed that nearly every pick-up, van, tahoe, suburban, car and camper was being driven by a man who was wearing an orange vest with passengers wearing orange vests. In some cases it was a hat.  And in nearly every case. . .there was an orange hat for every passenger in the vehicle in the dash for the whole world to see.

She got to laughing by the time she reached Dawson about the blaze orange.
Why is it that every person headed west in hopes of finding a beloved pheasant felt like they needed to place an orange hat in the dash window?

When you go out shop hopping (or at least when we do) there are never place fat quarters up on the dash.  We don't place fabric bolts on the dash. . .or pull trailers with quilts painted on them to haul our treasures home (tho that might not be a bad idea!!) She got home and shared this with all of us. 
Some of you may have even read this on Facebook.

Well. . .the "handyman" next door (aka: dad) was paying attention.
While her truck sat in town, he went into the shop, grabbed a wool swatch ring, a couple of charm packs, a fat eighth bundle and candy packs and put them in her dash.  Locked the truck up and didn't say a word.

When us gals went into town to get her truck late that Sunday night she got quite the surprise.
She loaded up her sewing machine and projects in the back seat and when she opened up her door to get behind the wheel. . .well her eyes again looked like saucers.

It's so fun to have a family in which one can freely joke around with!!

 Now that you all are probably looking at me like this. . .we'll move onto quilting stuff!
Sometimes we wish dogs could talk. . .and moments like below. . .it might be good they don't!
We marvel at the fact that Miss. Daisey loves quilts.  
Who would have thought she'd make such a good quilt shop dog.
And don't worry. . .we don't let her "snuggle" on any fabric or other quilts, this one was different because it is one of ours to keep. 

New fabric arrivals??
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Beautiful tan tones and adorable garden themed prints make up the bolts that arrived from the "Patchwork Garden" by Kathy Schmitz. 

We are very excited to find a moment (or two) to create with this.  
We have visions of a log cabin out of the colors above with a potential splash of red and black.  
To see what we do you'll have to stop back!!

We also had a fun arrival of these two pre-cuts.
In case you haven't heard (or read on our Facebook or website page) moda fabrics has put together a Piece & Comfort Quilting Challenge.  
(Read all of the information about the challenge here)

Sandy Gervais put together a grouping of more traditional red, white, and blue (dark and light) with more of a whimsical feel to it.  It's name. . .Red, White & Free

Two in-house designers at moda created "Because of the Brave" which is a more masculine fabric grouping that has darker color tones with camo prints, solid burlap print, dog tags and words.  This is the group that we have chosen to order for the challenge. . .and just to sew with for fun.

We will be posting more at length information as the start date draws near and when our fabric order ships and make this a fun event here in our shop.

We also received in these two fun pre-cuts to play with!

Rue Indienne is a beautiful grouping by French General.  It shows off beautiful reds, greys, yellows and tans and has some lovely florals and prints in it.

Hearts Content by Laundry Basket and it's batik.  Both of us gals are in love with the colors the batiks in this grouping have.  The pinks, blues, purple, green and tans of this upcoming line will be fun to play with.

We also got in the last Primitive Quilt magazine for 2014.  This winter edition has some very cute wool snowmen projects in it, some rug-hooking, some fun gift tags, and cotton quilts.

We also got in a fun new Quilter's Reference Tool.
This little guide has everything in it that we quilters would need.  Guides on cutting, guides on sizes, guides on how to assemble various quilt blocks.  Borders. Binding.  It's a good one, and it's small in size so it is easy to take on the run, wrap up for a stocking stuffer or set by the machine.

Now back to a couple of non-quilting things before we let you go

Last Friday night, the Pastthyme gals and our dear friend that we'd claim as an adopted family member (can never have too big of a family!!) went to the Nested Feather occasional shop by Roseland.  We had such a fun time checking out Jeanette's place and came home with this fun find.

Darci went to work and put up this fun new item in the freshly painted hallway.
It was the perfect fit to show off some vintage treasures and spruced up the hallway in the upstairs quite nicely!!

Lacey also had quite the surprise when she arrived home this past weekend.
We really should have had some before and after photos just so you could live in the "oh this is much better" moment with our family.  Those that know Miss. Lacey know she ain't really the pink bows and unicorn types of girl and yet if you looked at her room you'd question that statement.

You see back in the day this was her style and the room reflected that.
And even though she isn't there to take in the pink. . ."mom" was determined to make it nice.
So on her golden birthday. . .she got what she called "her big girl room" a room she wasn't scared to show people a photo of.  

Good bye pink. . .hello grey.
Good bye pink bow curtains. . .hello lace.
Good bye plaster & lathe around the window. . .hello wood trim.
Good bye clothes hamper/night stand. . .hello nightstand with adorable lamp.
Good bye clutter (ooh how she cringed at the thought somebody else had to do that icky part). . .hello clean, simple and fresh.
Hello Pastthyme Samples.  
Hello love.  

She is now pretty excited to visit that room. . .
and even spend a weekend evening at home reading in it!

Can't you tell who is Daisey's favorite?!?!  
This was just too perfect to not share: dog watching her mom pin on a quilt.

So before we get back to quilting. . .we'll leave you with this.

Lacey came home and shared this with everyone this cute video that her teacher shared with the class.  We enjoyed it and thought there was a fun little lesson to be learned. . .hope you do to.

That's all until next time!

Tuesday, October 14


 We had such a wonderful Columbus Day weekend!!
  One of us gals (Lacey) went out "sailing the lake so blue" with her dad that day.

Luck you ask? 
Well this was the first time in over seven years of Musky fishing that they didn't see a fish! 
Guess even the fish can take a holiday.

But prior to that. . .

We participated in the Inaugural Highway 23 Road Rally with the fun shops that happen to be along Route 23 in Marshall, Granite Falls, New London, Paynesville, Waite Park & Foley.

We lucked out and had such a wonderful weekend weather wise and hope that the leaves along the route were beautiful to look at.  They seem pretty hit and miss around our house but further up north they are just lovely.

We absolutely enjoyed our time and seeing everyone again. . .but we'll get to that!

On Friday Night. . .

The Handyman took the Pastthyme Gals to the Belview winery. 
We are very fortunate to have two fabulous vineyards close to our shop/home area.
But Friday night is wine and pizza night...or at least this Friday it was.

We enjoyed a lovely evening and even seen some familiar faces in the Belview river bottoms.
Some of us enjoyed a glass of Squirrelly (note we didn't get squirrelly...its just their clever name for a delicious bottle wine they create.  We enjoyed delicious chicken alfredo and four meat pizza.

Then we went home.

We took a different route home to avoid all of the beet traffic on Highway 212.
All was fine until we got close to the last stop sign to turn onto our county road.
There was a nice panel of corrugated steel.  We swearved slightly to miss it.
The front seat thought all was well. . .the back passenger didn't realize what we had just hit.
After what sounded like paper in window fan, we decided we must have hit it.

We turned on our county road and kept going, hoping for the best.
After a couple miles up the road it was determined the ride was getting bumpy...
and we needed to pull over.

What did we find? 
Yes, as you would have guessed it...we had a flat.

We slowly limped the truck up the road.  The back passenger then found her usual commentary during times of slight trouble and began to giggle. 
Then we all did because now...well it smells like burnt rubber.
And our ride is starting to get pretty jerky.

The handyman decided to pull into the field. It will be safer than trying to change the tire on the shoulderless road that was busy with trucks and it will save the rim.

So we pull into the approach.  We all get out to examine the tire.
And in respect to the situation, chose to leave the phone camera off...
Even though all was well and calm...you still don't press ones luck.

The spare tire? Well it's rusted on. 
When you live in the land of salt and sand in the winter and have the very fortunate luck of not needing to use it...it sometimes can leave you hanging.

We are close enough to home, the handyman decides to take the scenic route home.
As in...through the newly picked field.
Problem...being the beans aren't out in that section.  So that plan won't work.

We bounce out onto the road and travel up to the next approach.  We pull in.
The back seat passenger (not Darci) is thinking this isn't a good idea and keeps giggling at the predicament we are in and how the new owners of the land are probably wondering what in the heck a random truck is doing in their field.

We meet one of the beat trucks who proceeds to stop.
(Probably wondering what we are doing.)  Lacey starts to think this isn't a good idea. We all laugh about the conversation that is probably taking place on their radios.

Soon the tractor is coming towards us.  Lacey is starting to get sweaty palms thinking this isn't a real great idea and is worried the bumpy ride + pizza and wine may make her sick if we don't get home soon.  We hold our breath in wonder if we all will meet the new farmer in the middle of his field with a flat tire.  Nothing says "hello" like this situation.  He keeps going and so do we on his picked beet field and onto the newly picked bean field.

We finally get home with no red & blue lights, no meeting of the new farmer and a rim that wasn't wrecked because we didn't have to 'tar it' the whole way home.  Moral of that story...hope you never have a blown tire...and if you do...hope it's near the field behind your house!

Never a dull moment with us.  Keeps life interesting. . .

Back to business.

Both of us gals were truly excited that we were able to be in the shop during the hop last weekend.
It was absolutely unbelievable to see all of the wonderful and smiling faces come back into the shop.
Your comments were truly humbling and trust us, we were truly excited to see you all as well.
It meant a lot to catch up with some of you and hear that all is well. We truly meant what our sign said that was in our shop: "Enter as strangers and leave as friends"  We thank you again for such a wonderful weekend and we hope you enjoyed the hop.

We have decided to add another day to our open list.
We will now be open on the first Wednesday AND Saturday of each month.

Wednesday hours will be from 10am - 7pm
Saturday hours will be 10am - 3pm

November will start the Saturdays out with a bang...or buzz?
That beehive at the lake Lacey was fishing on was right by the public access!

We are NOT going anywhere but rather making room for all of the 2015 fabric collections that are planned to arrive in our shop.  So in light of that and in conjunction with the Clara City craft sale we are having a Black Saturday sale!

40% off bolts of fabric (cotton/wool/batik)
50% off all non-Pastthyme Pattern books and patterns

 We apologize for the lack of "new" samples to show you.
It was nice to hear comments about the full walls of samples in the shop.
For the first time every...all but 2 (yes two) samples out front are our own designs!!!

We have been busy working on some new stuff that we hope to have done for fall market in of weeks.  It's a good goal for us but time is ticking!!  Haha.

Watch for new stuff soon...but until then Daisey will guard the quilt.
And don't worry...we'll show you the clear picture when it's all done!
Gotta keep some kind of suspense...right?!

Until next time
May your bobbins be full and your rippers safely tucked away.