Tuesday, December 23

Wishing you all a very blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

We all hope that you have a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends and that your new year is filled with peace, love, happiness, good health and lots of sewing!

We thank you all for your continued support this past year and we are anxious to start sharing more new stuff as the first weeks of the new year come upon us.


Friday, December 5

Day #8...the final day

 On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me. . .
The panel to makes this 12 days of Christmas quilt!

I know. Those aren't the right words, but sharing that seems mean.
We'll all just have that song on repeat in our heads for the rest of the night.

Daisey the wonder dog even got involved with the photo op.
Maybe not the best of help, but it amounted to a good laugh.

Letter of the day: "Z"

Thanks for joining along.
Remember we are open tomorrow (Sat. Dec. 6) from 10am - 3pm
and will have all these (and more) projects up on the walls with kits and patterns available.

We are also having that sample sale.  First come-first serve.
Samples on the table out front of the shop.