Monday, July 20

Fun Stuff

Recently the question got asked:

What do you ladies do for fun when you aren't in the quilt shop?
Neither one of us had given much thought to it before, but what a great question.
Quilting is something most people sit and do for fun.
Quilting for the two of us is also fun, but is also what our job is. answer to the question of what Darci & Lacey do for fun take a look below.

Both Darci & Lacey love to spend time with their family.
The picture above was taken on the Daytona Speedway during the 50th running
of the Daytona 500 held in Daytona Beach Florida last year.

On the subject of racing . . .

While both of the gals enjoy racing, Lacey seems to have the itch more.
You can find her wearing her racing shirt every Thursday & Friday at the local tracks.
Her, her dad, and brother rarely miss watching friends of the family duke it out in the dirt.
The picture above was taken in Huron, SD at the large Wissota 100 last year.
(After 3 solid days of racing last year we got to blow off our air horns as the one of the guys we went to watch won!!!)

Darci got to meet her favorite NASCAR driver in Florida 2 years ago.
Mr. Ryan Newman.

Aside from the racing, we both also like watching the Twins play baseball.

The photo above is of MN native Glen Perkins.
Who's Darci's favorite player? Pitcher Pat Neshek
Who's Lacey's favorite players? Catcher Joe Mauer & Pitcher Kevin Slowey

The lake.
Our family doesn't have a lake cabin and we rarely spend time there,
but last year found Leech Lake to be a beautiful place to relax and enjoy life at.
The picture above is from our rented cabin.
Both gals enjoy boating. Neither gals can ski.
Lacey also enjoys fishing. Ice. Boat. It doesn't matter as long as fish are biting!!

The fall. If you look close you can see a bee hive in the tree.
Darcis favorite time of the year is fall and Lacey agrees.
The sights of fall are truly beautiful.

While Darci isn't much on the cold. Lacey loves the winter!!!
Neither gals ski.
While ice and snow may not be fun to commute in, they can make trees look
absolutely beautiful. Both gals love their evergreens covered in snow in the mornings
on their drive down the driveway.

The photo above was taken on July 10 in Clara City of the Christian group Avalon.
Both gals love almost all types of music.
Both Darci & Lacey play piano. Darci plays almost every Sunday in the local church.
She also has the talents of playing by ear and creating as she goes.
Lacey is more black & white and reads what's there.
Tractor pulls. Joe is big on this. The whole family visited Hutchinson last weekend
to the NTPA tractor pulls. They really are quite a sight with the smoke, as seen above.
There is a lot of power in these things!!!

Darci also has a large love of cows.
She grew up on a dairy farm right along the
Minnesota River. Although there are no longer cows at any of our houses,
she will always love them, and the peace the nature setting brings her
when she is back at home.
Of course, being girls we do enjoy shopping.
Lacey loves to take photos,do some small scrapbook projects and read.
Darci loves to design and create original patterns for the shop, and walking.
So, that's a look at the PastThyme gals.
Was it what you'd expect???

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