Saturday, August 1

Hop to it!

Yesterday began the Minnesota State Shop Hop for 2009. And today began August! It's so hard to believe how fast this summer has went. We'd like to share with you the things that we've made for this years hop.

"Diamond Terrace"

This is a different styled quilt for the shop. We used Chenille-It bias strips to cover up the seams and frame off our diamonds.

"Denim Snippets"

This is a great project to use up those old blue jeans in you'll no longer use in the closet. We made a lap quilt as well as a bag and ragged the seams. These quilts are easy to make, are very warm, and last forever!

"Game Day Trio"

This is a fun project making 2 different cloth game boards: Tic-Tac-Toe and Checkers.
We've also added a fat quarter tote bag so you can take your board games to go!

"Hexxety Hop"

This doesn't use the state fabrics but was shown a while back. The centers of all these table toppers (2 runners & placemats) are a cheater piece of fabric. Why the name you may ask? The middle shapes are hexagons, the last part of is from the gal who helped inspire the idea and hop comes from all the hopping up to iron and cut and down to do the sewing.
If you like the state fabrics or are thinking about heading out to do some hopping ehck out the website:

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