Tuesday, September 1

It is another beautiful "fall-like"day today!! Fall is my favorite season of the year and I am hoping that it will be a long season this year!! I enjoyed a day with my son, Joseph, yesterday. We did something that we have never done before and had a "Mom and Son" day. It was great. As we were leaving home in the morning I told him it would be a great day to be at the State Fair and he agreed. We decided to make it a date and with a little hesitation (we were missing Lacey and Owen) we headed to Falcon Heights for a pronto pup, music, baseball, root bear floats, animals, gyros, a skyride, walking, sunshine, a parade, chocolate chip cookies, go kart racing, pork chops on a stick, cotton candy, and a caramel apple sundae! I have not spent a day like that with my son before and it was very very enjoyable!! Because it was a spur of the minute decision, I did not have anyone lined up to watch the store so I locked the door with a note that you could check in with Owen next door. If I missed you I am sorry! There is a phrase from a song that played through my mind more than once that day and it goes like this~"Have you ever seen a headstone with these words: "If only I had spent more time at work". I felt guilty for locking my door but taking time to enjoy the people we love is so much more important than all the demands and pressures of our lives. The day was priceless with Joe and I will always remember it!!
We are anxious to get a couple samples made up
with "Vine Creek" which arrived in the shop
on Friday. Lacey is back in school now so I am
missing her company and her quilting projects.
I have also gotten the directions for our Double
Nine Patch table runner posted on our website.
It is pictured below and uses "Frosted Memories" by Holly Taylor in the plain block squares. If you
haven't looked at This & That's pattern book
using this line, stop in and take a look - it is one
of Lacey's favorites right now.

Double Nine Patch Table Topper
uses the 9 inch block pattern we handed out during the 2009 MN State Shop Hop

I am working on putting the finishing touches on our Garner Bus Trip today so check the website for more details regarding that. It is sure to be a fun filled day!!

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