Thursday, October 22 sure seems like the days just go by faster and faster around here!!
We've been working on many different projects here in the shop, and sort of feel like
we don't have much to show for it!!
Next week we'll begin our Stash Society club meetings. They will meet in the shop
and collect patterns to use up that stash they have at home. (Anybody know about those?!)
In light of that, Darci's mom was over yesterday going through the shop stash.
Can you believe we have a stash?!?!?
Well...if you didn't believe it do!! She spent a good majority of the day going through that lovely stash of ours and today Darci and Lacey went looking through what she bagged up.
Ever have that feeling that although you haven't used the fabric you just can't quite part from it because you might need it in that special project?
We believe it was a very good thing she did the sorting or we may have had the box
just as full at the end of the day as it was in the beginning!
Anyways...the project below is one of the things the gals will work on.
Notice the beautiful snowflakes in the centers of those squares.
It truly is hard to believe that we've seen a bunch of those in October..

Although the calendar says it's October, it feels more like the end of November.
However, Darci just loves the fall and this month created her monthly wool pattern
to reflect a few of the things that she loves about it.

Aside from the snowflakes and the fall we've been busy dancin'.
Can you imagine Darci and Lacey bustin' out the moves here at the shop?
Many of you can't, but on our "Wiggles and Giggles" event in the shop you just may be surprised!!!

Our dancing really has come in the the "Twister" template. This wonderful little template gives you twisting pinwheels (or as some of you know it: Square Dance). It is a wonderful way to use charm squares. You start off with regular charm squares sewn together with a border and use this fun little tool to cut our the "twisters" and sew them back together. The before/after change is fun to see and this project goes together super quick. We are expecting the arrivals of the template that works fabulous with charms as well as one to use with layer cakes!

When we were in Pittsburgh this spring Lacey fell in love with the new Aster Manor line.
It is due in the shop sometime this month, although the end of the month is next week!!
It is truly a beautiful collection of reds, pinks, browns and tans and was a must have in her stash.
(I don't believe she'll part with her Astor Manor Stash!)
Anyhow, this table runner by Heather Mulder-Peterson of Anka's Treasures was truly one of a very fun and easy table runner to piece together.

Until next time ~The PastThyme Gals

Thursday, October 8

Happy fall everyone!! It's hard to believe that October is upon us.
With the temps getting cooler (or downright cold) outside, it's time to start thinking about fall.
We begin to notice the change in color of the leaves on the trees, and the farming traffic
on the roads and in the fields as the fall harvesting process begins.
We also start to see pheasants, ducks, and geese getting ready for winter.
Holly Taylor of Moda has certainly done a fantastic job depicting some of those
changes we experience here in Minnesota in her latest fabric line called

The panel has fun fall leaves and tonal scenes of trees with
ducks, pheasants and geese.

The coordinates above also do a great job of fitting the fall feel. There are very fun textures in a couple of the bolts above as well as fun designs. There is also a fabric (3rd from the bottom) that would work nice for a border print or backing.

Although, camping season in this neck of the woods has slowly wound to an end, Moda's American Jane has created another cute piece showing how much fun camping can be in her newest line called

'Happy Campers'

The above is the panel piece showing various camping activities from heading down the river or lake in a canoe, tenting, swimming, spending time at the beach, sitting around a campfire at night, and spending time with your family.

American Jane also comes up with a fun piece that can serve as either a fun backing (potential to make the quilt reversible), or as a focal print, or border. Her scenes above also depict her focal panel piece.

We also ordered in some honey buns. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what the honey bun is all about, there are about 40 strips of the fabric line that are 1 1/2" x 44. We have a very unique pattern designed by American Jane due to arrive in the shop next week using the honey bun strips. Make sure to check back to see project when we have it finished!!

Friday, October 2

A little over a week ago we ventured to Iowa with a group of ladies

from our shop to visit Country Threads in Garner, Iowa.

The wagon arrived at 6:45 on a bright and sunny day to pick

up travelers who anxiously awaited our trip to

visit our neighbors to the south . . .

. . . outside our wagon windows we saw a lot of corn and beans. . .

. . . and fields of windmills.

Our first stop of the day was in the town of Estherville.

We made 2 stops in town. It truly is fun to see how each shop is so very unique and different compared to the other. We both loved by Darci and Lacey. The color choices in the fabrics and the border print, and block selection was quite beautiful!!

A short distance up the road was the town of Emmetsberg.

In honor of our wagon arrival, a sign was posted in the window!! I loved the old brick buildings that surrounded the entire downtown area. Something we noticed throughout our first three stops, Moda fabrics were not prevalent, very different compared to the shops around us here at home.

Our next stop was to the town of Algona. Again, I loved the old brick buildings, and was intreagued by painting of the Algona floor on the side of the building.

The quilt shop right in Algona was a fun visit.

The gal who owns the shop has been battling cancer and had a wonderful place.

She had a fun display of Buggy Barn samples, something we really don't see a

whole lot of around here.

At last . . . we arrived to our destination . . .


The plauge above appeared to be the moto of the farm.

Connie and Mary are two very energetic and enthusiastic women who have designed

over 800 different books and patterns on the very grounds we were at.

The barn shown above is the location of classes if you were to take them on a farm.

The upstairs (hay loft) is the class location and was set up with many tables and chairs from their Sunflower camp, which wrapped up on Friday. It was a fun setting for a retreat/class.

This was the enterance to the chicken coop, which houses all the samples.

And let me tell you, it was a sight to be seen! There were many, many samples hanging

on the walls, the counters, and the ceiling. Bolts of fabric and kits were scattered all throughout the shop featuring everything from pastels, to romantics, to darks, to contemporary.

There truly was something for everyone.

There was also a separate building which housed only civil war prints and samples

as well as their discounted fabrics, patterns, books, and kits.

A large garden filled with various flowers from the priaire, birdhouses, signs, and chairs

were scattered throughout fenced flower area.

Not only are the quilts a big part of the farm, but animals are too.

This dog was super friendly. She is a golden retreiver/poodle cross.

We have many cat lovers who come in the shop and if you like cats,

this farm was one for you!!

You can tell that the farm has cats from the sign before you turn in!

This little guy greeted all of us on his hayrack of pumpkins.

His name was Chuck.

This cat was guarding the pumpkins for sale on its throne.

Chickens were also scattered around the barn area.

This chicken was afraid of my camera . . .

Our group.

The day to Iowa was truly a blast. We recommend that if you ever are down

in the Garner area, or are offered to take a trip with a friend to Country Threads

that you check them out!