Friday, November 27

Customer Appreciation Days

We are having our Customer Appreciation Days
here in the shop today and tomorrow (11/27- 11/28)
We are having 25% off of . . .
All cotton fabrics, woolfelt, patterns and books.
Stop in and have a cup of cider and eat some goodies!!
Thank you all for your on-going support!

Wednesday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Back in 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians celebrated the first Thanksgiving meal which, unlike the typical Thanksgiving meal, more than likely was not made up of mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, and pumpkin pie. How amazing is it that some 388 years later we still sit down with family and friends and keep the meal of Thanksgiving tradition alive.

We all have so much to be grateful for!! In the past few months, we have been reminded of the smallest of things that we take for granted each and every day.

For our family that stand by us and support us. We are thankful fora roof over our heads. For the gift of eyesighteven though some days our eyes feel like the one in the picture, it's a blessing to be able to see the beautiful and crazy world we live in. We are thankful for the ability to hearthe world around us. For the foodthat will be put on our tables, and those that produce it. For companionsbe them animals or people (like our family pets: black for Abby, white for Sadie, and brown for Olli) who keep us company and are always happy to see us. We are thankful forgood health. We are thankful for friendslike you who enlighten our lives. And last but certainly not least, we are thankful for the gift of freedomand all that are serving to protect it each and every day.
We hope you'll all take time to think about the things you are truly thankful for and enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!!
On a different note....did you know MINNESOTA is one of the largest turkey producers for the Thanksgiving holiday?

Thursday, November 19

This past Tuesday we headed to Montevideo to our monthly meeting with the
Flying Goose Quilt Guild for their annual Christmas party.
We meet at Valention's (located right on main street) for supper. If you ever have the chance
to eat there the food is absolutely wonderful! They are especially known for their desserts!
I apologize for the poor photography skills I had that night. I had my flash turned off
in hopes of not gaining attention from everyone in the room!
As you may see, not only do the serve excellent food, but the atmosphere is
beautiful as well . . .
The goal of the night is not only to meet and get caught up with the various events
going on in the lives of the members, but also to do works for a good cause.
Each year, the guild members bring a sewn baby blanket along to donate to
Santa Anonymous.
All collected quilts will be distributed to young children this Christmas who are
in need of a warm blanket. This year we collected about 28 blankets!

Our Astor Manor fabrics arrived a couple weeks ago! We've have many big ideas for the fabric and too little time to accomplish them.

The bag shown above is from the newest addition of the Better Homes and Gardens magazine featuring various bag patterns, pillows, quilts, runners, wall-hangings and wool projects. This bag was one of the funnest, and quickest bags to make. (It takes only about 1 1/2 hrs. start to finish...cutting included) as the sewing of the handles creates the outer pockets!!!! If you are looking to make quick, fun holiday bags I would suggest this one!

Until next time . . .

Thursday, November 12

Sadly, Halloween has been over with for almost a month and
you haven't seen how much FUN Ethel and Pippy had!!!
Yep, the PastThyme gals dressed up with
Halloween spirit and had a fun day with the gals who stopped in.
Darci's husband and son seemed to have their doubts that the
PastThyeme gals would really dress up...and we showed them we were serious.
It was fun to "step out of the box" for a day and just let our hair down
(or pull it in piggy-tales and buns) and show our fun side to the
people who shop with us...
Our costumes have quite the story.
Ethel's attire was an auction item that almost went to the burn hole this summer. We spent time laughing and trying on the vast array of old dresses before making the decision they were too much fun to burn...
Pippy had bags of clothes to take to Goodwill but decided at the last minute to keep them. The socks were socks her and her friends from school bought to wear to the Girls State Basketball Tourney a few years back.

Pippy the PastThyme gal.
Good thing Pippy decided to wear long stockings as it was a bit chilly on Hallows Eve.
This will most likely be the only photo of Pippy that you will ever see where she is wearing shorts!!!

The first visitor of our day was the paper delivery for the Senior Perspective!
You should have seen his reaction to Ethel's attire!!
(Check out Ethel's slip! We love how it hangs lower than the dress)

Anna Marie (aka: "The Busy Binder) came in to see us. She is a very near and dear
friend of the PastThyme gals and like an adopted mom/grandma. It was so wonderful to have her company this day as she had been ill earlier in the month.

Ethel, Deb and Pippy. (We loved her festive pin!)

Ethel, Betty, and Pippy.

A group of gals from the Willmar area with Ethel & Pippy.

Pippy, Kathy, and Ethel.
Whether or not you find the humor in this is questionable, (or if it was a "you had to be there") but we spent hours laughing as we were getting ready the morning of our big day.
Neither Ethel nor Pippy wear finger-nail polish...both decided 15 minutes before leaving we would. Consequently both gals had smudged nails and Ethel wound up with some by her ear...
On the road...looking to arrive right on time or a few minutes late and WOW was it refreshing to step outside in an old thin dress with tights, and in shorts with socks too short to cover all the leg
It's windy today and Ethel powdered her hair with baby powder. Make sure to do a hair check to ensure the gray stays even throughout the day.
We had to do repeated "butt-checks" to make sure Ethel's pillow stayed secure in her tights and didn't pop a wheelie mid-day.
We truly enjoyed our day spent with you ladies.
There were, of course, more of you who did not have the photo-op as we forgot, but
did truly enjoy the day!!
That's all folks!