Wednesday, December 16

Good day to all! The sun is shining today and it is warming up a bit - thank you God!! We have our white ground, but still it doesn't seem Christmas is next week. I have talked with quite a number of people who all feel the same way!! Why is that I wonder? Life must be WAY TOO BUSY!!! Soon I will be out of days to procrastinate the feeling!! Today brings a day last minute sewing of Christmas orders. I am using the newest fabric line that arrived at the shop which is beautiful - one of my favorites!! The photo on the right is a table runner I did up in an hour or so. It is a cheater panel. It has a Christmas feel to it I think but deiniftely not a Christmas line of fabric!! It sews up very quickly so if you are looking for a last minute project this works great!!! We had fun on Saturday with our Quick Christmas gifts with the pillowcase being the hit of the day. Everyone can use pillowcases and my customers helped me see some fabrics in the shop (photo of fabric in center picture) that i wouldn't have thought of that will make a great gift for a special friend!! Mom brought in a crazy quilt mitten which can be used as a gift card holder or a ornament which is adorable. (photo on left) She has finished up a beautiful crazy quilt throw from all her gatherings of velvet. She has embroidered all our family names on it so i am going to have to sneak a needle and thread to embroider my name on the backside so it makes it way to my house some day!! My brother and I love to tease her about that!! It has been a long standing joke at our house if there is something that we want at home we write our name on the back of it so it will some day be ours!! We are very glad to have each other here on earth and tease about what happens to our earthly possesions after are earthly departure!! We celebrated my Grandmas 88th birthday on Sunday. I enjoyed a visit with her and she was so happy to have much of her family gathered together in fellowship and food!! Well it is time to get back to my sewing machine as that comes much easier than trying to figure out this bloggin world!! I have posted the Countdown to Christmas sale on the events page of our website so if you are interested in that make sure to check it out!! Take care & keep warm!!

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