Thursday, December 31

Happy New Year

Another year has come to an end - where did it go? I can't even imagine that time can go any quicker than it already does, but my elders will tell me the older you get the faster it goes - hmm!! I need new sneakers!! We had a nice Christmas with our families and the bad weather did not hamper our travels. I had become "okay" with having to be snowbound at home and had brought the sewing machine with a work bag of fabrics to settle in for some "hope i remembered everything i need" sewing time at my house. It does seem that when i get it hauled home, the snowstorm doesn't happen and i carry the stuff in the house and back to the shop again the very next day. Several people said they were home those days, but both my husband and i have the "need to get going" syndrome and are seldom stranded at home for a day. I really had convinced myself this was God's way of slowing us all down and helping us remember what the real reason is for this ever so important season. We ventured home to my Mom and Dad's on Sunday and the picture above is the view from their kitchen window. I grew up on the MN River and the area there is some of God's finest works!! The recent snow made it a very serene setting on Sunday. We watched three bald eagles sitting in the trees by the river as we ate lunch that afternoon along with a cardinal that i just couldn't get close enough to for a good picture. I learned later that after i decided to go outside to walk off some of the lunch i had indulged in and take some pictures to share of the beauty of my upbringing that the cardinal flew right up on the porch near the window so i missed that "good" cardinal picture. They are a beautiful bird!! Our week has brought odds & ends for Darci which didn't have much to do with fabric and Lacey creating a beautiful lap quilt and presently finishing up a cloth book. I haven't had much luck with the pictures so they will have to be posted next week. I hope that you have a safe New Years Eve and a relaxing day to the start of the next year!! Blessings! Darci

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