Wednesday, December 23

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Warm Christmas wishes to all of you!! Today it really sounds like we are going to have a White Christmas in which the night may be Silent, and all will be calm. As a storm appears to be on it's way that could hamper our travels, this may be our call to slow down and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas behind the busy travel plans, and gifts we rush out to buy. I truly hope my family and I will be able to enjoy our tradition of Christmas Eve church service, but as long as we are together in our warm home with soft Christmas lights, we will enjoy the peacefulness Christmas can bring and the soft snow that will be falling as there truly something beautiful with a snowy Christmas Eve.
To share a bit from our Christmas letter that was sent out today . . . our family again traveled to Florida for the Daytona 500 by car, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. We were very thankful to have had a mechanic as our pilot as we had car trouble in Iowa of all places!! After an unexpected night in a motel we were off again with parts in the morning. My folks babysat the newest family member, Abby (a little black lab puppy) who graced our family last Christmas. After the hunting season, she has earned a permanent place in our home and has made up for all the "hyperness" she brought into the family! Lacey and I took a business trip to Pittsburgh for International Quilt Market last May and truly enjoyed the beautiful city. We would both go back in a heartbeat!
Owen & I continue to work next to each other in Clara City and usually see each other at dinner time, but not always! We both enjoy our work but there isn't much time spent outside our walls. Lacey turned 21 this year and is finishing up her 3rd year of college. We have been lucky she has stayed at home and helps out with home life and work for both Owen and I. She is pursuing an Occupational Therapy degre and will most likely end up at St. Kate's in the cities next fall. Joseph moved to the Senior High School this year at MACCRAY and enjoys it very much. He is active in band, choir, and started basketball this year. He and dad enjoy several "boys" weekends this fall funting, which they enjoy very much and Lacey and I have "girls" weekends when we go shopping together. Racing still continues to occupy the summer months for Owen, Lacey & Joe, but I believe we all "race" 52 weeks out fo the year with life.
We hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year with your family and friends. May God bless each and every one of you this Christmas Season and in the New Year!

The Schipnewski's

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