Monday, January 25

It's Just Another Day

I guess today is just another day. In the game of life there always has to be a winner and a loser. In the game last night, we were the losers in long, hard fought battle in a city thousands of miles away from us. Showing our true pride, and doubt at times we stuck with the purple until the end, and sadly watched what was suppose to be the start of a two week celebration to the Superbowl slip through our pun intended for those who watched the game. However in the long run, we believe we were the winners. Did anyone notice the pride people showed last week? It was absolutely delightful to see people anxious, wearing purple, gathering with friends and family on the weekends, and joining together to cheer for a common cause. Superbowl or not the guys brought out hope and excitement in people like I hadn't seen for a while and THAT is something for them to be proud of.

While this is not my barn, I have to say it does a fairly good job representing what our current weather situation is today! Yep-we have a blizzard - well maybe not quite a blizzard but conditions aren't real ideal.
However, this type of weather = quilting progress :)

The project currently in progress is call "Sweet Sugar Swirls" by Fig Tree & Co. It uses a honey bun. We are just doing a table runner, so stay posted for our finished results in the near future!

With the weather we've managed to work on some U.F.O's. Does anybody have any of those? I didn't think so ;) All that was left to finish was the quilting, which Darci quickly did on the long arm. Now it's off to the Busy Binder to be finished. We are hoping to do a retreat on this Twister pattern once the weather clears up a bit.

Isn't this a refreshing change of fabric?!? This quilt-as-you-go bag was a This & That pattern featured in the APQ Fast and Fabulous magazine. It was a very quick and very fun, easy bag to put together. The rick-rack, yo-yo, buttons and grommets really added some flair to the bag!

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