Saturday, February 13

After numerous attempts to get another block on here yesterday I had to hold up my white surrender flag and declare technology the winner. To my delight today was a new day and things worked wonderful! Below are 3 quilt blocks- one for yesterday, one for today and one for tomorrow!

Block #11: Mosaic

I was unable, once again to find some information on this particular block, mostly in part to the name. As you'll see further down, if you look at the tiny blocks next to the large block it is quite crazy how changing up colors can really change the look of the quilt block!!

Block #12: The North Star
This quilt block also has ties to the Underground Railroad quilts. This particular block was used to relay two messages: prepare to escape and the other to follow the North Star to freedom. I also learned that the song "The Drinking Gourd" could have been used with this block as both are telling slaves to keep traveling North to freedom by using the stars.
Block # 13: Ohio Star
The name of this block is one that is probably well known by most people. Yes the blocks next to it are of the same pattern! It is quite deceiving as the pieces of tan fabric used in both of the tiny blocks are very close to the same print giving the look a totally different feel.
The Ohio Star block has origins that can be traced back to the first use in 1815! It is hard to find a lot of exact information for this particular block because the era this block started to be used was the era in which star blocks were the "in thing" and each one took a slight variation from the next.
We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we can't wait to show you the finished quilt next week!!!

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