Thursday, February 4

Block of the Month....Day 3

Block number 3: The Rolling Stone
Bet you weren't suspecting this were you??? Haha!! This quilt block definitely required
a LOT of tiny peaces and careful attention to the details...and of course a radio playing appropriate music to keep the quilting mood festive....
...Just Kidding....

THIS is our Rolling Stone Block

Well...after multiple attempts yesterday to add 2 blocks, and attempts to add 3 today it appears the blog wants to stick to the original plan as 1. Ever fight with your technology? We do!!

Anyhow, the Rolling Stone. This block can also be called Farmer's Daughter, Jack's Blocks, Corner Posts, Two Crosses or Flying Birds.

According to my trusty Quilt Block History website, this block may have started being used around 1910 in the state of Kansas. Hence the farming references in "Farmer's Daughter" and "Corner Posts"

Guess unannounced to me this was quite fitting for my block of the month as I live an an area of the state that many people would call "Corn & Beans Minnesota" we do of course have more than just corn and beans planted in our fields, but the idea stays the same.

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