Tuesday, February 9

Catching up

Block number Five: Broken Dishes
Today is Saturday and we are off to our first 7th grade boys basketball tourney for the traveling team. The boys are very excited to finally get to play a game after mother nature cancelled the first few. The boys played a bit like the name of our block above, and like picking up the pieces from a broken dish, the scores of the day were a bit painful. That aside it was a good learning experience for the team who lost only 1 game during regular season.
We also watched the Bud Shootout race in Daytona, wishing we were there joining our racing friends from back at home who journeyed there to watch.
Broken Dishes.
Believe it or not this block was also used on the Underground Railroad.
This symbol represented a signal to travelers that broken crockery waited at a future landmark. Aside from the Underground Railroad, I also learned that often times when pioneers were traveling their dishes would often break during the trip. This block reminded them of the broken dishes that occurred on their journey west.

Block 6: Churn Dash
Today is Sunday and it's off to church to listen to Darci play. Afterwards we head to gear up for the Superbowl game. . .with half of the house cheering for the Saints and the other 2 the Colts.
The advertisements are also fun to watch, and although somewhat disappointed overall would all give our tip of the hat to the Doritos, and the Budweiser Clydesdale horse & his friend the cow commercials.
We also watched the movie "Love Happens" with Jennifer Aniston. Both Darci & Lacey would definitely recommend this movie for anyone who is out looking for something to watch!!
Churn Dash.
This block posed an interesting search for history. Did you know that this block has about 20 different names???? This block was also used in the Underground Railroad to tell travelers to gather all their tools both mentally, spiritually, & physically for the trip to freedom. I also found evidence of this block being used in the Temperance Movement.

Block 7: Doves in the Window or Bear Paw?
Today is Monday. Today it is snowing...A LOT. Whoever said January gives us the most snow was wrong this year. All area schools & colleges are closed, and state patrol says many cars have went in the ditch so we decide to stay home. Can't update our blog because we get no Internet out in the "sticks". Darci enjoys decorating the house, Joe enjoys playing outside, and Lacey does schoolwork.
Doves in the window...Bear Paw...this is a toughie!!
My block book tells me it's called Doves in the Window, however if you do a search their block looks nothing like the mine above. Bear paw kinda fits, but still does not fit the typical picture of a bear paw block. I guess this really goes to show the variety of names that can be given to the same quilt block.
Block 8: Paradox
Today is Tuesday and life has returned back to normal. . .maybe.
Apparently most quilt block books don't use this name for this block as I have been battling to find any information on it! Guess history will have to wait until tomorrow.
Notice...we are now over half way to the post that will unveil the quilt top... which is now put together!!
Not only will tomorrow bring another quilt block...or 2 depending on how well the computer cooperates but also a finished project from the Blush fabric (pictured earlier this month) and photos from new fabric arrival from Holly Taylor!!!


  1. Okay, do my eyes deceive me, or is the top little broken dishes block really not a broken dishes block? Is it a trick? Is it a contest? Do I win?

  2. Your eyes don't deceive you. I didn't realize until your comment that the second little broken dishes block was not a broken dishes block! I guess we were in too much of a hurry that day! Not suppose to be a trick and unfortunately not a contest for prizes but thank you for letting us know.