Tuesday, February 16

Final Block

Block #15: Flock of Geese

This is another quilt block that I have seen many different versions of, none quite like the layout shown above. I have been truly amazed at how many blocks have the same name, I mean I always knew there were "duplicates" just not this many!
I was quite frustrated with my searching start as it seems the word "geese" pertains to more than just quilting~who knew!
I wish the birds around here would have informed me of this before they headed south last fall as I learned of many places & phone numbers to call if you want to go on a hunt!
But eventually I found some "gold" and what I was really looking for. . .
On a timeline of quilt block history, the Flock of Geese block was used a lot in 1934. The original name of the block was called "Crosses and Losses" and at that time was one of the most prolific four patch combination blocks used in sewing.

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