Tuesday, February 2

HAPPY GROUNDHOGS DAY!!! I found much delight in the news report today about our dear friend the groundhog....yes for those of you who didn't know one of the ground hog's seen his shadow and the other did not. Guess this means that we get to decide how much more winter we get!!

Well...starting today you can check the blog daily and watch our 2010 Block of the Month quilt come to life. The quilt will consist of 15 large blocks (as seen in the red & black square) and 30 smaller blocks (blue & red, gold & brown blocks) The quilt will offer a lot of freedom in construction as you can assemble just the large blocks, just the small blocks, or do as we are and use all of the blocks. Today's block is called Mosaic. Check back tomorrow for another featured block! AND in a couple weeks all of the individual blocks you've seen will show the completed quilt!!

Last weekend Owen, Lacey and Joe headed to Twinsfest. As you recall from an older post the PastThyme Gals enjoy watching the Twins. The gang has attended the event the past 3 years and has watched it grow each year. They have been fortunate enough to collect many autographs and meet many players while being there. Truly a fun filled day. The photo above was taken around 11:00 a.m. of the people on the floor of the dome. Over the 3-day weekend there were over 34,000 fans in attendance!!!

Of course Joe Mauer is one of Lacey's favorite players. The case above has the 3 bats that were used in his 3 (yes-three!!!) Batting Titles. Pretty sweet :)

Speaking of Mr. Mauer.....I would love to know what those 2 little kids are chatting about!! What a respectable guy Joe Mauer is, and a truly great example for such young kids like the 2 next to him to look up to. Before this photo he spent a few minutes chatting and high-fiving them; definitely memories they won't forget!!

A side look at the close fan interaction the guys get to have with the people who come and pay to cheer them on. For those who watch baseball you are looking at Matt Guerrier (white shirt) Jason Kubel (blue shirt) and Alexi Casilla (black shirt)

Lastly we ended out day driving by the new field. Such a beautiful site to see and I cannot wait until the season starts. Might I point out that I brought with my most excellent photograph skills...don't you just my camera?!? haha...

Back to quilting...or embroidery I should say. When we were in Pittsburgh last May we were told embroidery was going to be big and slowly but surly more patterns are being added to the market to back that up. This is a new one by This & That (Minnesota designer Sherri Falls).

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