Thursday, February 18

Has anyone seen my camera?

Lost: (adjective) unable to find, no longer visible.
Hmm...this seems to be the definition of the quilt shop camera today. Apparently our genius idea of where to put it wasn't so genius after all. . .
I begin searching for the old camera.
To my great excitement find it within a few minutes.
Yes! Turn it on . . .battery has died.
Probably wasn't shut off the last time it got used. Shoot.
Maybe if I take the batteries out and put them back in it will work . . .or not.
I finally figure out that if I quickly take the 2 batteries out, I have exactly 10 seconds to focus the camera and click the button or it will shut off. I can manage this I think.

My first quick attempt to snap a picture wasn't too bad I didn't think.
We justgot this fabric in today!!
If you've been waiting for Whimsey by Fig Tree & Co. youare in luck.

I feel I have improved on my second shot, being able to zoom in and click before it shuts off!
These are the last couple of bolts in we ordered. Very fun and fresh fabrics.

Remember the definition of lost up above? Well . . .we can't forget that when talking about our project using the fabrics we just got in. These were ordered specifically for a baby-ish quilting project. The trouble is we, nor our rep can remember what the quilt looked like, who it was by, or why we ended up picking what we did. . .
Creativity: (noun) The ability to create works of inventions, or works of art
Yep, time to put the designing caps on and create something different. Maybe under a bit of pressure in wanting to have a sample finished by next Thursday for our Preview Party (check our "events page" on the website) we'll have a new pattern and sample done. By the looks of my 2 strips above I'd better get crackin'.

Remember the Holly Taylor fabric shown a few posts back called
Lakeside Resort
Our "busy binder" temporarily put binding on hold and started speed sewing. I think if the Olympics ever start a quilting portion, she would do quite well . . . this is the first of two samples she finished last night. For an 82 year old lady she sure seems to run circles around us PastThyme Gals. Hope we are just like her when we are 82. Think of things we'll accomplish!

PastThyme Gal Darci has been busy trying to quilt our sample out of
Blush by BasicGray.
I will post a better picture when it comes off the quilt frame and our
busy binder has the binding placed on it.

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