Monday, February 22

Have any of you been watching the Winter Olympics in Vancouver?

We sure have enjoyed watching this at our it watching Lindsey Vonn ski, Shaun White snowboard, Apollo Ono speed skate, or couples ice-dance. It's fun and entertaining to watch. It is also nice to be able to flip the T.V. on, maybe do some stitching, or house "stuff" and sit down and know exactly what's going on!! Can't say that multi-tasking is always an easy thing to do when watching certain shows!!

With that, in our last post we thought our Busy Binder would win gold in Olympic sewing and she is still leading our race in the store!!

This is project #2 using the fabrics from Holly Taylor's Lakeside.
Very different look and feel from the green one in our last post.

The Busy binder also put the binding down on this quilt for us on the weekend.
This was the quilt PastThyme Gal Darci had on the long-arm on the last post.
The fabrics are Blush by BasicGray.
The pattern is called "Just Can't Cut It" by All Washed Up

Well . . . creative juices were flowing with Whimsey. Our original plan of the
strips that were shown in our last posted sort of went on the back burner, and
Plan B went into effect. This is a super quick and easy stripped baby quilt.
This is the front.

This is the back.

On the whole Olympic kick, Jackson (in the green coat) took his
"snowmobile" (purple sled) down grandpa's big hill yesterday and was
"the fastest person out there"
This was his first year to go sledding by himself, he's 3, and absolutely loved it!!
He also figured out real quick that throwing snowballs at people is really fun,
especially when you get 'em and that it's important to watch the road
because you crash if you don't!!

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