Monday, March 8

Lake of the Past

Many of you know that Minnesota is known for their land of 10,000 lakes.

As spring continues to move in, our snow continues to melt, and of course as the snow melts it tends to . . . settle in one spot. This year, like a few in the past, the water has settled in the front of the shop.

Therefore, we have declared our water hole as "Lake of the Past" part of the 10,000 lakes that are in Minnesota!!

PastThyme boy Joe and his good friend and neighbor at the shop have thoroughly enjoyed their time at the lake. They put together boats made out of plastic plates, cups and pencils and attached a string to keep them from floating away.

It's been so fun to watch the boys play out in front of the shop and having fun with the temporary lake that has made its home around the shop.

View outside the front of the shop.

Outside out work room/classroom window.

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