Friday, March 19

Our famous Lake of the Past, or as Joe would say "Newski Lake" disappeared Thursday night and Friday.
Little did we know that that would be the start of a week of water . . .

This photo was taken shortly after sirens went off in town for sandbaggers on Tuesday evening in Clara City. Typically you cannot see the water in the banks unless you walk into the temporary pond by the service road. Two large ice jams posed problems and thousands of sandbags were laid to save homes.
Thankfully the water both here in Clara City, as well as in Maynard has gone down and our flood threat appears to be gone.

(a step aside from quilting for a brief moment) Our MACCRAY boys basketball team had a fantastic season this year and in the past two years the boys have amassed a record of something on the lies of 43-2. The photo above was the celebration of the Section 3A North title game from Saturday night. Last night, in the game to send the team to state, the boys fell short.

I think we all felt a little down today, seeing what was a fantastic ride come to a halt too soon. And as we PastThyme Gals think about the game and what could have been, we remind ourselves of what was. It was truly an awesome experience sitting in Marshall last night watching SO many community members show up to cheer them on . . .the gym was absolutely packed. Even though they fell short of state, the game played was like the state title game to the fans that were there and the many, many people listening on the radio. And as hard as it is I hope the team can look back and see what kind of an influence in the town they made. Even if you lose, bringing that many people from three towns together is something that truly counts, and after days of flooding, was something we all needed. I think we'd all agree that we were all proud of them, winning or not.

BUT, back to quilting!! We were thrilled to get in some new fabric by Deb Strain.
Her "Cherish Nature" fabric has wonderful, fresh and fun colors and like the name
suggests-deals with nature (butterflies, eggs, and a couple cute bugs)

Speaking of cherishing nature, at Joe's last basketball tourney in Granite
we drove by the river and seen these fun guys! We all thoroughly enjoyed
rolling down the windows to listen to them quack, and then fly into the water and
float downstream.

This is also some new fabric we've gotten in from Blank Quilting
Very pastel in nature and the bottom bolt of scripted words is about friendship.

It had been a while since we've made a new bag, so last week that's what we did!

This bag is one from This & That and features a cute zippered pocked in the back.

Hope you all have been able to enjoy the brief sunny and warm spring days we've had, have been able to do some sewin' of your own, and have been able to avoid sandbagging, and water in your houses!

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