Saturday, March 6

Spring Cleaning

Fig Tree threads sure puts out some cute patterns. This particular one arrived a couple weeks ago and the gals have been anxious to see what it looks like made up!!

Both Gals love the cute scalloped edge at the bottom and the way it ties in
the front of the apron.

There is only one problem . . .

. . .neither can decide on what fabric to use!

PastThyme Gal Darci suggested this and PastThyme Gal Lacey kindly asked if they could keep looking. Being too anxious, Lacey decided just to use the fabric Darci liked. It may not have been her first choice, but she was anxious to start. Besides, it was kinda cute in its own way.

After getting 16 strips sewn together, the PastThyme Gal decides she can tackle the scallop edge before Darci comes back. Can't be that hard can it?
Of course when you are excited about a project and want to have it almost finished as a "surprise" things happen. . .or as our friend Murphy would say
What can go wrong will go wrong

My first indication I may have trouble is when my template doesn't fit the foundation.

The little quilting light bulb should have come on but it doesn't- after all you can change the pattern if you need to. I needed to square my fabric up so of course that would make my template not fit. Ever do that and wish you would have stopped there and said "hold on"

The light bulb does however, flick on when I read that "scallop edges should match the chalked line you have traced onto your foundation exactly" By the looks of it (in my picture above) I might have a slight problem. . .
I decide to move forward and continue to pin, maybe by the end it will have improved a bit.
Anxious/Nervous/Determined I head to the sewing machine.

By the end of my scallop trimming I decide (nervously) to see how off I got.
Turns out that it was about as bad as I thought.

But hey, don't they say that one leg is shorter than the other??

I decide I have had enough "Spring Cleaning" for today.
PastThyme Gal Darci comes back to the shop and too decides that
it may need a little assistance on the scallop edge. She is confident
that some rick-rack and attention will make it cuter than the pattern.
I guess only time will tell.

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