Thursday, April 8

Come on in . . .

So often we get asked in the shop if we have a lot of “this stuff” in our house, and often times we respond with “well no actually we don’t” and often get “really?!” in return. It is sort of a strange thought, it does seem natural that we’d bring home samples no longer in use in the shop, but we really don’t. . .

Welcome to our house. . .this lovely picture was taken on Easter as Joe welcomed everyone into the house with his fun sidewalk chalk art

Enter into our porch…the room where our dogs spend most of their time. After decorating to have Easter at our house, a couple samples were brought out of storage and put out. For a while we had a cute little penny rug on display . . .but apparently little Miss. Abby didn’t like it and chewed a penny off. We now tend to be a bit more careful what we hang up here.

Remember how popular the Chocolate fabric line by the 3 sisters was? This was fabric put out by Moda around three years ago or so. The above quilt was a cheater panel that was very, very popular in the shop.

It found a home in our dining room on an old rocking chair and doll that provided inspiration at one point in Darci's life while she was creating dolls under the name Darci's Dolls . . .

Also in our dining room is a display with one color way of the quilt Lynette Jensen designed for our section during the 2008 Quilt Minnesota shop hop. No-for those of you wondering, nobody in our family plays violin. It was a gift given to Darci, and as much as both her and Lacey would love to play, we just can't find the time.

Lacey's chair, and her Northern Solitude quilt to with it.

Heading down stairs, into our log and "cabin" haven. This quilt was never one that was a sample in the shop but rather a project Darci did a long time ago with her mother. The quilt has pretty much year-round residence in the family room, and is generally found close to decoys, the paddle Owen made & wood-burned and deer antlers from a previous years hunt.

Darci sewed these quilt blocks to fit behind the glass panels that create the door on a
cabinet in our laundry room.

No...we really don't have an overflowing dirty laundry basket but rather a stained tablecloth from Easter dinner...guess somebody spilled dessert. The quilt hanging on an old clothes rack was an old block of the month in the shop. It, unlike many samples, made residence in our household shortly after it was done in the shop. I also believe the Raggedy Ann & baby Ann dolls were sewn by Darci when she created cloth dolls under the name Darci's Dolls.

This cute little hanging . . .also part of a monthly group in the shop found a home on the
door leading into the laundry room.

As you may have seen before, we live in a lot home and have the log home feel in the inside, including these ducks leading you down into the basement. In our landing, we have a quilt that was from one of our first changing seasons shop hops. Each block of the quilt was created by each of the participating shops. Can you guess which one Darci designed??

The wool project in this picture was sewn for Darci by her mom. It is a woolen scissors keeper with a crocheted bottom adorned with buttons. It was one of the first woolen shop samples.

Well . . .now that you got to see what old shop quilt samples we kept to put in the house we'll show you the latest!
The table topper above is quite unique. PastThyme Gal Darci was (to Lacey's surprise) very excited to start creating with Martinique by 3 Sisters. Typically this is Lacey's forte, but not this time. . .

The center block has Texture Magic on it, as do the stripe pieces. If you haven't worked with this stuff it is fun and add some great, subtle dimension and texture to your fabrics.

Also-for the bra hop Darci created a reversible apron pattern.

We hop you enjoyed our photos of not only the quilted projects we have in our house, but also what we created for our bra hop. We hope to share photos of our funly decorated bathroom and shop with all of you soon. It will be such an "up-lifting" post :)

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  1. Ha! You tried to make me believe you didn't decorate at home. Now the truth is out and it is so very much like you.