Wednesday, April 28

In Progress . . .

It seems as if progress on new shop samples has sort of come to a halt the past few weeks, which makes it rather difficult to come up with a new blog post. But today, as I was frustrated by this I asked myself what I was defining as progress? As when I stopped to think there really had been a lot of it made in the shop, even if it wasn't in terms of samples . . .
Most of our progress that's being made is in terms of spring market . . .and this is a good thing considering in a mere three weeks we'll be tackling a new adventure with our patterns.
On Monday, a couple of our dear friends (friends we'd claim as family) came to help in the shop pack patterns. (Who would have though that when the quilt shop journey started we'd have a "Busy Binder" and "Pattern Packers" among our list of helpers-ha) These two women accomplished packing hundreds of patterns that will head with us to sample spree in one afternoon. They were such hard workers and will never know how incredibly thankful both PastThyme gals are for both their friendship and their support and willingness to help.

On Tuesday, the delivery man brought us a box with new magazines!!

This spring Quilts & More really does have a nice variety of different projects of all shapes and sizes in it. Of course-as soon as Darci seen the bag she thought of bag lady Lacey and as soon as Lacey seen the pattern she wanted to make the bag.

Which brings us to shop sample progress . . .

Of course we must make the bag!!! The fabric we are using was from a charm
pack given to us by a quilt guild after a presentation. Neither gals knew exactly what
to do with it considering we don't have the fabric in the shop--but this bag will be its home.
(This is my bag back)

Two of these strips will be my front bag bottom and I will admit to having not read far enough into the pattern to know where the third strip goes . . .
Hope to have a new bag post by the weekend...shall see if the progress fairy takes me that far!!

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  1. Yeah! I'm so glad you are taking the leap of faith with your patterns! I knew you could do it. See you in the cities.