Thursday, April 22

Racing to baseball, cooking, sewing, and magic

I guess we'll begin by suggesting you fasten your seat belts and hang on tight as this will be a long ride!! It's amazing how many pictures can accumulate on a camera with good intentions to make a blog post and a week later they are still waiting...calling your name...

Last week, Lacey headed up to Alex (no not this track) with the racing gang to open up the 2010 season. It was such a beautiful weekend and she enjoyed catching up with old friends not seen since the off season.

Meanwhile...back at the shop Darci was busy getting ready for market.
How thoughtful of Lacey to ditch this huh?
We are currently busy packing patterns, and re-vamping pattern fronts.
For those of you who are familiar with our wool "To Everything there is a Season" quilt you will be surprised to see a cotton version ready to head to market with us. The above bock is just one sampling of how different and fun the cotton looks.

Phyllis, Darci's mother has also been busy doing some embroidery work.
We've been thrilled to see the market starting to produce more and more embroidery patterns all the time and are anxious to see if that trend continues at this spring market.
This particular pattern is by CrabApple Hill.

After returning home from the races, we found turkey's in our yard!!
Too bad they aren't real . . .just the decoy's Joe has been using as he is
gearing up to go turkey hunting this weekend.

Darci and Lacey headed to the Mall of America on Sunday to meet Miss. Trisha Yearwood at her cookbook signing. She was truly, truly one of the nicest famous folks we've met and super personable. It was amazing to us that she came and greeted each and every person in the line, asked what our names were and thanked us for taking a picture with her. She then went back to the table, introduced her mom and sister to us, and thanked us for coming to see her! Besides being so nice and personable she has fabulous recipes!!!!

Trisha (right) - Trisha's mom (center) - Trisha's sister (left)

On Monday Joseph came home from baseball practice and told us he wanted to go fishing in the creek. We have a creek that splits our driveway and this year there are creek chubs in there!!! It has been many years since they have arrived and Lacey always enjoyed going down there to fish.

So...Lacey and Joe grabbed an ice fishing pole, dug some worms, and headed to fish.

We simply knelt on the bridge and fished off the end, or if we were careful we'd put the line between a couple of the planks to get to the bigger fish. Because the fish are spawning they went nuts over the "pink invader" entering in their territory.

This was the first catch, we both managed to get one up out of the water onto the bridge. We caught many, many more, but of course they flip-flop so darn much they end up falling off along the way

It was just too pretty walking down the driveway to the bridge with all the pretty bright green buds and leaves spring to life on the trees and the smell of freshly plowed black dirt in the air.

The view from our bridge, where we sat fishing. It was truly peaceful and very calming to sit and listen to the ducks further up stream quacking, or the sound of rooster pheasants cackling and flying in the grove, and also hear the various song birds chirp as the sun began to set that day.

But all peaceful things must come to an end for a while and ours stopped as we headed to watch Joe play his second baseball game of the year. Who knew that so much. . .drama? could be found in a 7th grade game!! The boys played very, very well and we all look forward to the remaining games.

This is a little bit off topic but while we were in the cities this weekend we shared many laughs at how many people were texting on their phones! It was crazy. The guy above was suppose to be in charge of sound system and making sure nothing happened to the equipment in the box . . . and the cop below to make sure people without wrist bands stayed out of the roped off area-only he spent much time texting on his phone.

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