Tuesday, April 13

We were thrilled last Saturday to hear such a beautiful sound coming from the front of our shop.
To our joy there was this cute little red headed bird (look on top of the heart by the light) singing to us.
We have only had one bird make a nest in our store heart and loved watching her fly in and out and care for her young, and entertain us with her beautiful music. We surly hope that her music and presence will continue to surround us this spring and summer . . .
Not that these flowers have much to do with quilting we just had to share their beauty with all of you!!
These lovely daffodils were won by a dear friend of ours and given to us yesterday.
They have put smiles not only on our faces but on the faces of those those who have have come in this week as well.

Darci has been frolic-ing around with this fun new fabric to go along with
little Miss. Owlivia. Again-for those of you who know Darci well you know this
isn't her forte but she has had fun stepping out of the box. Only time will tell how
this cute little quilt gets finished!!

Well . . .last weekend was our BRA HOP: Hooked on Pairs.
We had a terrific time decorating and designing for this hop and hope that those of you out and about on the hop enjoyed your time.

Darci's newest wool creation (and free pattern of the month/hop) is above.

As promised in an earlier post we'd show our bra decor. Lacey sat and decorated bras one evening by sewing buttons on them and concluded that they are bullet-proof. When you need to dig out pliers to attach a button you know the quality of the bra must be quite well.

We chose to hang various size/shape/decorated bras in our bathroom on a make shift clothes line and hung information about the "uplifting" history of the bra.

It was truly wonderful listening to the many comments our bathroom brought as well as the comments on the earrings bra hanging above.

It was an up-lifting experience and we thank everyone for the support!

That evening (Saturday) Darci was recognized for her hard work and time put into the music department for church. She was awarded the bishop's medal of service with two members of the other two parishes. All of us family members, and parish members are so happy for her on this wonderful honor she received.

This little guy is Darci's grand-nephew Jackson who was in church to see his Auntie get confirmed.
Jackson sat across the isle and had a lot of fun looking at us, making faces, and pointing at us.
I don't think he got much out of church and by the looks of my picture...neither did I.

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  1. Darci's friends are so pproud of her too!!