Saturday, May 15

Greetings! My name is Owlivia (remember me from an earlier post?)
I've been quite busy keeping the PastThyme Gals on task these past few weeks
as they continue to get ready for market.

I spend most of my day flying around making sure things are getting done, and
they rewarded me with a new sample that is charm friendly (and going to market) out
of my favorite fabric line!

Darci decided to spruce up the front of her shop for spring and put cute flowers in her flower boxes. While I was watching her out the window a fellow bird flew by and pooped on her shirt. How rude. I wonder if she thought the whole day was going to be crappy after getting crapped on after she arrived?

The gals have gathered their faithful work crew to help them make sure they are ready for market day. With less than a weeks worth of time to be ready the gals find that they feel they need two more weeks to be done. But as with everything else things always come together and they will be just fine ;)

From paper cutting. . . folding and packing...

to adding embellishments to samples... sewing samples... assembling the packaged patterns in bundles for sample spree... seeing a box full of things ready to go I as well as the gals have been busy!

This is the sample the gals worked on Wednesday at wool group just in time for summer!

This also arrived. Classics by Holly Taylor.
Samples to be shown after market...hopefully.

Well...we are out the door until the market.

We will try our hardest to share our daily activities while we are there!

Enjoy the beautiful weather!!

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