Friday, May 28

Now with this type of view out your window on a hot "spring" day like today you'd wonder what the gals have been up to . . .

...well...besides watching out our window at the events across the road we've at least put our hands to use in new embroidery projects! "Bird Watching" by This & That.
The Valdani hand-dyed floss used added so much interest the embroidery.

Front side of "Grommet Hipster" by Indygo Junction.

Can you believe that the fabrics used were CHRISTMAS fabrics? Believe it or not "Fruitcake" by BasicGrey came in while we were gone! These fabrics are rich, yummy, and beautiful.

The back side of "Grommet Hipster"

Partial of our Quilt Minnesota fabric! If you haven't made plans to travel the state (or even just some shops) during the up-coming hop take some time to think about doing some. The fabrics are just wonderful this year and if you haven't seen them, or touched them in person stop by the nearest shop to do so!

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