Monday, May 24

to market-to market-to market we went

To market we went. We spent the past five days setting up, taking classes and vending our booth at the Minneapolis convention center for the 2010 Spring International Quilt Show. Although we had hopes to blog each day we would have spent a small fortune in Internet fees as they were not included at our hotel.

Day 1: Wednesday~ moving into our new "home" at booth #3736 Joe-the man-was having a good time making us laugh while we set up. I believe he was practicing a victory pose for when he and his baseball plas would win their game the following day. Even if he wasn't he was very enthusiastic about our market booth
Flooring. Nothing seems worse than having to walk around on a hard concrete floor for four days, and it doesn't seem to have a great appeal to those walking around. As strange as this will sound, it was a good thing we overshot the amount of flooring we ordered in for our house remodel a couple years back. (I know right-excited to have extra?) but we had just the right amount to have a floor created for the booth!! How wonderful to bring a piece of home with us and it definitely added to the booth appearance.

The PastThyme gal herself busily hanging samples up in the booth after our floor was put into place. How nice of her side-kick to snap photos instead of helping...which I really did. My job was to hang stuff on screened shutters...which will be shown later.

Thursday: Gals head to school. Gals head to the crazy Sample Spree.
We hit up the school house series and took in a full days worth of classes on the new fabrics available, clubs, B.O.M's, books, patterns, templates, techniques, etc. It was a long and busy morning and afternoon. Thankfully this wasn't the type of "school" that required tests or quizzes as I think both gals had thoughts buzzing 100 mph about all sorts of class ideas, events, market itself, sample spree...and of course 'real' food. Which brings me to:

If you are ever in downtown Mpls make sure you eat at Hell's Kitchen.

I felt a little strange snapping pictures of our food, or other people eating so we settled for the sign as I already felt a little out of place in the "big city" little did I need a room full of people wondering who the nut was snapping photos of them eating. The food was delicious (arguably the best we ate while down there) The atmosphere was also different and quite nice. Would definitely go back.

After getting food in our stomachs and breathing in some outside air we headed back to school. I was the only one who took photos so I guess you are stuck with those.

I would sit up front (much unlike when I go to school) so I could get a bird's eye view and take what I hoped would be a good photo to share. Much like the eating story of taking pics I didn't want to be the nut taking a thousand pictures so I tried to secretive about it.

Note: If you are being secretive about taking pictures make sure you:

a.) Don't have a camera that makes a cute little song noise when it turns on

b.) Turn the flash bulb off and make sure you don't accidentally hit the double ultra bright flash setting

Edyta of Laundry Basket Quilts (Moda) She was an absolute wonderful speaker and one of the most humble and sweet fabrics designers I have met from Moda. She was very interesting and had many fun things to show and tell about.

Renee Nanneman of Andover fabrics and Needl' Love books shows off her newest fabric lines and projects to accompany them.

Robyn Pandolph

I went and listened to her last year in Pittsburgh and decided to try it again this and was not disappointed. Her new fabrics are very, very pretty and her insights into the inspiration behind her collections was very interesting. I also loved the look into the meanings behind each of the blocks in her block of the month program.

Sample Spree. This night is when you are allowed to take home patterns from the vendors and the fabric companies to be working with back home. We chose do vend here and this was our display booth. We sold 6-packs (no not the kind you are thinkin of) but 6 patterns with a free kit in woolfelt, and a cotton quartet.

Anybody who attends seems to want to reach the Moda table to get the newest fabrics. Ladies literally were running (yes running) to the back of the building to get their hands on new fabrics. The two guys from Sulky watched the madness with us. To think we were part of that crazy-ness last year!

Friday~Moda's party and the first day of Market

The photo above was taken at the Hilton hotel where Moda had their party. We sat with the gals from New London who so graciously claimed us as their friends and enjoyed a fabulous night of fun, food, and meeting of new friends. We joined sat with a group from Iowa. The pic above is of a group of women doing the electric slide.

Now...the photos below.
We stayed at a place about 8 blocks from the convention center.
We arrived home on Friday & Saturday nights around 8:00 p.m. Neither gals are use to just sitting and doing absolutely nothing.
We decide to watch a movie....or maybe not. Movie rental $14.00
We decided to update the blog...or maybe not. Wireless Internet for a "small" charge.
We decide to watch the NASCAR race...or maybe not. We get the golf channel but not racing.
We decide to get a paper with a guide...and end up with the day's before.
My list could go on & on. We were bored, disgusted and wide awake listening to sirens.
Our dropped bag of Cheetos.
Amazingly they were vacuumed up the next day. We spent four days in a hotel that would sometimes take out dirty glasses, and would never leave the same amounts of towels/wash cloths each day.
Thankfully we had the lap top which came fully equipped with card games
and celebrated each time Darci won a game...which wasn't very often.

and the unphotogenic Lacey filled out Sudoku until her eyes were cross-eyed ...

What we really should have been doing was what our neighbors were doing in their market booth. This group of fabric reps were from Japan and were very entertaining during the day as they practiced their golf swings, baseball swings, hopping techniques, and bowing. As much fun as we had sort of poking fun at all of this their entertainment was fun and I felt bad about the poking fun after they brought over some Japanese candy the last day to us.

I just realized today I never got a full shot of our booth.
But the photos below are of the inside from my chair.
Lots of comments on the interesting use of peach crates for display.

The shutters I worked so hard on moving in day

Sunday~Going Home! Hip Hip HOOORAY

There is truly nothing greater (in our eyes) than driving amongst green trees versus fancy sky-scrapers, smelling freshly plowed dirt instead of car exhaust, hearing birds and tractors and dogs instead of constant honking and sirens, and eating home cooked food on an open fire!
As fun as it is to's always good to be home.

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