Friday, June 11

Amidst the puddles of rain after almost four inches of rain last night stood my lovely Lilly plants. What once started as one plant about four years ago has by itself taken over the corner of the flower bed by the garage. Each year I seem to have this impulse to snap a photo that I never look at again of my blooming lilies. This morning was like all the other mornings when I see the first flowers bloom. I love how firm the petals of these plants are, how vibrant the colors look in the sea of green leaves and admire how strong the stem must be to hold up so many of these flowers. And this morning I just loved how pretty they looked with water beaded on the petals and leaves...

Well...I suppose I should share what has all happened in the shop the past couple of weeks as last weeks days went a little quicker than I was expecting!! We had Holly Taylor's new Christmas line arrive in the shop...I know, as hard as it may be for some of you to read about the word Christmas in...June, I personally feel the same way. BUT, we have had nothing but rave reviews about the fabric this year and the stripped sample is a huge hit!

Speaking of Holly Taylor fabrics, Phyllis sewed the sample above using Holly Taylor Classics. It was "sew" much fun to see this when we got home from Market!! Thanks to Phyllis' sewing afternoons with us and the Busy Binder quickly binding in between trips to the lake we have gotten samples done in record time once the new fabrics have come into the shop!

Again, those of you who know Darci wouldn't think a fabric line called "Moxie" would sound like something that would be up her alley. No dark earthy golds, blues, browns, blacks, reds, etc. but rather fabric with wild circular flowers, large scale circled print, crazy grey swirls and big grey paisley... like I said not typically her thing. BUT, just like the Kim Schaefer fabric from Pittsburgh last year this is destined to be a bit.
This quilt is super, super quick and easy to sew (no seam matching in the main part) and is framed with a mish-mash of checker-board for a border. The thing that will make this quilt is the large appliqued flowers.

This past Wednesday evening (and afternoon) we were graced by our Woolie Wednesday wool group. They came in and worked on Darci's newest Cherry Tarts pattern!!

We also have been "slowing down" a bit and doing some quilling-type projects.

And also been doing some more wool felt projects.
This one is a little stitches pattern by Bareroots.
Bit of business: You are all invited to kick off your summer right by enjoying a scoop of ice-cream while getting the "scoop" on what was new at spring market.
Our market party is set for Monday June 21st.
Party starts at 6:00pm and ends at 8:00pm

Come and see the newest samples, patterns, products, gizmo's, & gadgets.
We have fabric bundles of fabrics that won't be in stores until fall that we'll have on the selling floor on a first come first serve basis!

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