Thursday, July 1

Ever have those days when the brain just doesn't seem to want to cooperate?
It seemed as if neither one of us gals had a brain that wanted to function soley on the task at hand last week as we worked hard on completing all of our Quilt Minnesota Samples. (Yes-this year the gals are AHEAD of the game!!! Whoo Ra
Of course neither of us wanted to admit we were having the amount of "brain farts" so we turned to a better solution . . .

Did you know that these lovely rolls of sugar we call Smarties were made in 1949?
I'm guessing that by the name of the candy Eddie (Smarties creator) must have been having those kind of days we were having if he decided to name his candy "Smarties".
Anyways . . .
Lacey went into the back room in a last ditch effort to find some . . .rejuvination. We often times find that in a refreshing peach smoothie from the local coffee shop but beings it was after their hours we had to turn to something different. That something different was Smarties. After eating part of a roll and spilling the other part all over the floor to step on later we successfully accomplished our tasks at hand and would recommend the quick fix of Smarties.

This week has been more of the same in finishing up the quilting, binding and spur of the moment samples for Quilt MN as it is only 29 days away!
But today, it was time to start something new. . .

When we were at market we noticed that children's clothes were kind of a big deal the merriment of the summer season, and to catch the wave of clothing we made this cute "Flirty Skirt".
This pattern was super easy to follow and made sewing this skirt fun and easy and quick to do!

(while we are thinking fun and summer) We've also been spending time watching baseball games, basketball games, and listening to stories of marching band. Who knew that summer schedules were going to be busier than the one during school?!?

And lastly, Christmas. Yep-four months (?more or less) until the chances of snow flying are here. That's a depressing thought, huh? But for those of you who like to do hand made gifts that are quick, and reasonable, this runner may be for you!! The fabrics we used were the newest from BasicGrey (Fruitcake) and the pattern is a freebie on Moda Bakeshop.

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