Saturday, July 10

This is a bit late but we hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend and that you all kept your fingers and toes while watching (or lighting) fireworks! We let the professionals at Madison speedway light them off as we sat in the pits and watched them explode above us. If you are ever in the Madison area next year their fireworks are definitely worth the wait . . . and their races ain't bad either ;)We also got the bug to do a bit of intensive cleaning at Shades of the Past.
Seems as if mother nature has goobered up the deck and considering it hasn't been washed since the shop opened we decided it was time to take care of business...
Joe found that pressure washing was his favorite new thing to long as he kept the sprayer off his toes! Thanks to his awesome skills we can now run onto the porch when it rains without fear of landing on our rear. Plus it just looks better!!!

See...even the little dog agrees!!!

We had a fun new sample brought in by our dear friend Miss. Pearl.
The fabric is called Bliss by Moda's Bonnie & Camille and the patterns by Atkinson Designs.
We are so blessed to have Miss. Pearl helping us out here in the shop, she does a fabulous job with her samples.

This (close but not quite done) table runner is out of the up and coming Fig Tree fabrics called Breakfast at Tiffany's (I used a charm pack) and the pattern is one by New Leaf Stitches.
Darci has been the Sash Sewer for the surrounding towns this week as Maynard celebrated last week and Clara City this week. It's always enjoyable when the town celebrates. This morning we all took in the annual Fireman's Pancake feed at the fire hall. It truly was fun sitting there this morning and knowing everyone we were eating by. I absolutely love that about my small town! On top of that, the vast majority of the people present were wearing hot pink shirts and walked this morning in the 5K for a gal in town who is battling breast cancer. I love that about my small town too. In a day and age like today it is awesome to be a part of a community of people who rally around one another and support them in the good and bad times!!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
~Darci & Lace

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