Monday, September 27

What a beautiful weekend, both weather wise and event wise.
We were all fortunate enough to take part in a beautiful wedding ceremony this weekend for two special people that we are blessed to call family who showed nothing but true love and appreciation for each other and their friends and family members who attended their wedding.
There would of course be more photos to show that we gals ditched our casual attire for dresses and high heeled shoes but neither of the gals seemed to have remembered to ask for a nice family shot, only did we get candids at our table!!
Come Monday morning, our beautiful weather brought us the chance to get outside and do some lot work. We are SO grateful to see the sun shine and to finally walk outside without running in between rain drops or grabbing the umbrella.
Even the dog thought raking up the leaves was fun and made sure that
the wind didn't blow any of them away on her watch.

In between getting raking and watching the rain gauge collect rain and finishing up the pew bows we have managed to sit down by our friend the sewing machine and put it to some use.
The quilt above features the holiday fabrics by BasicGrey and is called the 5 yard quilt.
This quilt was very fun to sew together and quite simple to piece. In fact we had sew much fun we are working on doing another out of the Winter on Waldens Pond fabrics!!

We've also been busy preparing for the Art Meander that takes place this weekend.

Make sure you mark your calendars and stop in as this is the one time each year that we have our Sample Sale. There will be a collection of our old samples that we can no longer use that will be put up for sale in conjunction with this event. Doors open at 10:00am on Friday and all samples are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Also, if you have not made a trip out to Hinterland Vineyard, which is conveniently located about two miles out of town along Highway 23 this would be an excellent weekend to stop by and taste their hand-made wines and tour the vineyard.

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend pray that you all stayed dry.

May many blessings fall abundantly upon you like the many leaves falling from our trees.

Tuesday, September 21

Fall cleaning...
I guess we were in the spirit last week as we decided to make some changes in the shop to reflect the changes we are seeing outside our window.
Stop on in and check out some of our fun fall finds as we start to prepare for the fall
Art Meander on October 1, 2 and 3.

Another Quilt as you Go table runner from the Fast & Furious book by G.E Designs.

Remember those unfinished pumpkins from a post or so ago?
This is the fun finished project. The turned corners on the pumpkins were such a fun touch.
Both Darci and Lacey have set aside the sewing machines (hence the small post)
Lacey left the sewing machines behind for a trip to Huron to enjoy one of the biggest Wissota dirt races of the year...the famed Wissota 100. Much like the weather back at home, Huron got about 3 1/2 inches of rain. With that came incredibly mucky pits which caused for a rubber boot shortage in the town of Huron. But, with a lot of work and a little luck that the rains held off the races got done in time. And in the end, the team they was out there with left all smiles as the driver won his 3rd Wissota 100 race by leading every lap :)

Darci stayed home while the rest of the gang was in Huron to work on a new shop newsletter and start creating the pew bows for an up-coming wedding this weekend. Speaking of the wedding Shades of the Past will be closing early on Saturday September 25th at 1:30pm so the gals can leave for the wedding.

Until the machines start singing again . . .

Friday, September 3

On Thursday morning Joe and Darci headed on their annual trip to the state fair. It was such a wonderful day to be out and about and both had such a wonderful time while they were there and managed to not only get out of the fairgrounds before the big down pour of the day but also successfully made it home without car troubles like last year. Darci enjoyed some bacon on a stick, as bacon is one of her favorites to eat and Joe made sure he came home with his bucket of Sweet Martha cookies. Although Darci had her sights set on tasting some camel on a stick, they were unable to find the stand . . . They both came home with wonderful memories and truly enjoyed their day and look forward to the mom/son time again really soon!!

In light of the Minnesota State Fair trip-we decided it would be fun to do a post on a stick.

The idea was a good in theory. . . but didn't work out as well as hoped.

So....our one and only photo of the newest charms to arrive

Moda's Sentimental Studio's "Evening Mist" on a stick.

Much like the fair food, this sells for $8.00.

Much unlike the fair food, this sticks with you longer, keeps quite nice, & smells good!

Aside from racing trips and trips to the fair, we have been working "Fast & Furious" on new projects for fall. G.E Design's new "Fast & Furious Holiday" book came in this week, and the sample spread out on the cutting counter is the first we've done from the book. Look for the finished result next week along with the new monthly wool projects!!

On our post last week, Darci had been working on her Prairie Women Sewing Circle projects and the photo above is the finished quilt top for meeting #2 project. The group will begin meeting in October and the cost of the program (which has 6 projects plus 2 side projects) is $35.00.

This little guy is super quick and fun to make for fall.

This guy is "October Scare" by The Wooden Bear and can seriously be completed in one sewing days time.

We finally got our "Bliss" quilt done out of fabrics that will be arriving some time this month in quilts shops near you. The colors of this quilt are so fresh and fun and would make wonderful projects for people of any age!!

Speaking of any age, we have really enjoyed jumping on the kids clothing train and finished another cute little jumper!
This pattern is by SewBaby and is called the Petal Dress. The pattern comes to make dress sizes 6 months- 2T and also gives pattern/directions for the adorable tulip hat. (above dress)
The directions for this baby were very easy to follow and the petal dress was fun and quick to make.

And of course if you are making that cute little dress as a gift you could always add a little stuffed animal to go with it. Stanly. He's been swimming around with us this week and was sewn up out of Punctuation fabrics that arrived by Moda's American Jane. Stanly was very fun to make (a Fig Tree & Co. pattern) and would make a wonderful addition for any child's room!!

Well . . . Lacey was able to put the metal ball purse aside and finish the table runner. She also dove into the adorable Frenchy handbag from Amy Butler.

Lacey sometimes tends to be a critic of patterns, especially bag patterns, and would tell you that this was one of the best written bag patterns she's sewn and although she always wondered if they were worth the $13 investment and would say they were certainly were. This pattern can be made in 2 different sizes, and takes a day to sew and be able to use.

Aside from quilting, we took a little trip to the movie theatre to view the movie Eat, Pray, Love last weekend as Darci had read part of the book, and both gals love Julia Roberts' acting. Although the movie was quite different than they were expecting they had a good time enjoying the scenery of the 3 countries (Italy, India & Bali) and each other's company in a theatre with a mere four people!!

But, in light of the movie title, we both hope that over this long Labor Day weekend you are able to spend some time eating with those people whom you love and we pray that you all have a safe and wonderful weekend!!