Wednesday, October 27

The weatherman told us last night that this is a record low pressure system that has decided to grace us with its presence in the Midwest. Here's to blowing around in fifty mile an hour winds and better hair days tomorrow. . .

Now, we typically don't have any creepy, crawly things moving around our house but last night I noticed this little fellow (aka: salamander) moving as fast a he could to get to warmer cover for the winter. Poor Darci won't be working outside in her flower bed for a long period of time after her "hee-bee-jee-bee" dance just seeing the picture of our new little friend.

And when all was said and done after hurricane life day number one I woke up to snow.
Guess only in October can we go from wearing shorts and t-shirts to grabbing the winter parkas.

October in our family is a busy time of celebration as we celebrate six birthdays!!!
We decided to all go bowling in our grand celebration and had such a wonderful time. Neither of us gals are skilled bowlers and tend to make good entertainment for those around us. One of the cutest moments of the day was the little girl next to our lane who attempted to get her ball to the pins. She dropped it a bit early and while it spun by her feet decided to give it a kick to get it to where it needed to go. . .I guess when all else fails, just kick it!

We spent some time yesterday with Phyllis antiquing a bit. All three gals have got bit by the old dish bug and all had a lot of fun looking for finds to go with their collections.

We've also been adding to our sample collection. The lap quilt above was designed by Darci and used almost a whole charm pack of origins by Basic Grey. It's being loaded on the long arm as we blog. Can't wait to share the finished product when it comes off!!! (The colors are just what we need on a day like today)

We've also blown into the direction creating candle mats.
The one above is out of the newest book by Bareroots and is all hand embroidered.

Two lovely and very quick mats featuring embroidery and wool/wool felt applique.

We got in some great new patterns this week, and one of the new patterns featured a new technique for assembling projects with charm squares. The technique is a bit tedious but does really save some time. Both Darci and Phyllis hand quilted a project and Lacey got the bug too. Hopefully the show and tell will be camera ready real soon!!

Here's to curling up with a cozy warm blanket on the couch reading a good article or book, eating something yummy, doing a little quilting or watching a good movie.

Monday, October 18

Fast & Furious. . .

~Fast & Furious~
Seems to me that this how life has been in the shop this month as we've been working fast and furious to get new stuff done for the shop!
(Of course we don't mean furious as in the mad furious)
But aside from that, lots comes to mind with just those two little words. . .
. . . such as the movie "Fast & Furious" . . .
. . . or the way my keyboard looks as I do a fast & furious post before I head out . . .

. . . or maybe if you live in farm country the way farmers have been taking crops out . . .

. . . in hopes their efforts will be finished before Winter on Walden's pond arrives . . .

But what we really really have been working on so fast and furiously has been out of the book Fast & Furious: Holiday that is by G.E Designs.
Of course you've seen this little guy sneak into previous posts, but we've got some great samples for all of you thinking about that holiday season that is oh so quickly approaching.

such as these wonderful place mats

and stockings

and treat bag.
Of course there are more samples finished from this book, but those you've already seen!!

We've also been having fun doing up some new wool projects.
Of course this pattern is super fitting for our post title as the pattern is called
"Run Chicken Run!" by Primitive Gatherings.
Those of you that know chickens probably know that at some point in their short lives they run fast and furiously as not to be someones lunch.

Leaves, also seem to be falling rather quickly from our trees.
Autumn Splendor is Darci's newest creation for Pastthyme Patterns and
uses beautiful wool colors by Weeks Dye Works and wonderful Valdani Threads!

And last, but certainly not least is our free pattern of the month
in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Hope you all have been having a very safe and blessed fall!

Sunday, October 3

Old Mr. Webster's definition of "Fall" or "Autumn" is the season between summer and winter comprising the northern hemisphere usually the months of September, October, November or as the equinox to the December solstice.
I don't know about you, but none of that really seems to mean a whole lot.

Fall around here means that football.

People of all ages in big and small towns gather at the football field, all bundled up as the nights start to get colder cheering their team on.

Fall around here means farmers begin to harvest their crops from the fields.
I have to point out that photo above is the collection of beets from a field. Many hoppers on the state shop hop had never seen these types of crops before and were filled with questions. So, for those of you unfamiliar with sugar beets, their tops stay green much unlike the corn and beans that turn brownish when they dry out.
I also want to point out that with all of the rain we had received the truck in the pic above is actually being pulled thru the field with the tractor that has the tracks on it. I wish I would have stopped to have gotten the pic from the other side so you could have seen it better. . .

Fall means that hardy plants, like the mum Joe & Lace picked out for Darci's birthday continue to grow and bloom beautiful fall colors.

I couldn't help but share this one with the dog.

I laugh every time I look at it, it's amazing what happens between the push of the camera button to the time the photo is taken. Doesn't look like she's thrilled with what I'm doing or she's about to sneeze. . .

I have to point out before I show the rest of these how very excited I was to go about taking pictures around the yard as it is generally very beautiful with vibrant fall colors. I was very sad to learn that the birds beat me to the brilliant orange berries on one of the trees and that while all the people on the Meander have seen awesome fall colored trees the ones at home seem to be late turners. . .

Fall means that once green vines turn brown, and leaves on buildings shade fall colors too.

This was the good one. It's much prettier in person than in the photo.
Our evergreen by the bathrooms has the most wonderful vine hanging in the vast majority of the tree that is absolutely beautiful in reds, and orange tones.

Fall means that our rosebush finishes blooming
and the sun sets on a wonderful summer.

I hope that you all have had a chance to sneak out and check out the trees that mother nature has painted so pretty this year.

Until the leaves turn,

Friday, October 1

In honor of today kicking off the month of October, which is breast cancer awareness month, I'll do our post in pink :)

Today is the start of the Art Meander and our sample sale.

We've decided that since mother nature has been so nice to us this past week we have our sample display outside in the fresh air.

We were tickled pink to see how many samples we were able to round up from the backroom. We had many hours of fun laughing and reminiscing about the samples we marked to sell.

Again, samples are sold on a first come first serve basis.
Meander hours are:
Friday: 2pm - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 6pm
Sunday: 9am - 4pm
**We are a good starting point for those of you interested in going out and about to the various artisan sites in this region of the state. There is a large variety of artful offerings from various forms of painting and drawing, to photography, carvings, jewelry making, basket making, willow furniture, pottery, rosemaling, weaving and much, much more.

Besides the Sample Sale, we always serve wine from our favorite local vineyard
Hinterland Vineyard
which again is conveniently located just a couple miles down the road from the quilt shop.
We will serve small samples of a few of their wines including their new variety called
Of course, if you like any of the samples provided you'll have to make a stop out in the vineyard to taste and see the wonderful wine collections that have been made and grown right on site!