Monday, October 18

Fast & Furious. . .

~Fast & Furious~
Seems to me that this how life has been in the shop this month as we've been working fast and furious to get new stuff done for the shop!
(Of course we don't mean furious as in the mad furious)
But aside from that, lots comes to mind with just those two little words. . .
. . . such as the movie "Fast & Furious" . . .
. . . or the way my keyboard looks as I do a fast & furious post before I head out . . .

. . . or maybe if you live in farm country the way farmers have been taking crops out . . .

. . . in hopes their efforts will be finished before Winter on Walden's pond arrives . . .

But what we really really have been working on so fast and furiously has been out of the book Fast & Furious: Holiday that is by G.E Designs.
Of course you've seen this little guy sneak into previous posts, but we've got some great samples for all of you thinking about that holiday season that is oh so quickly approaching.

such as these wonderful place mats

and stockings

and treat bag.
Of course there are more samples finished from this book, but those you've already seen!!

We've also been having fun doing up some new wool projects.
Of course this pattern is super fitting for our post title as the pattern is called
"Run Chicken Run!" by Primitive Gatherings.
Those of you that know chickens probably know that at some point in their short lives they run fast and furiously as not to be someones lunch.

Leaves, also seem to be falling rather quickly from our trees.
Autumn Splendor is Darci's newest creation for Pastthyme Patterns and
uses beautiful wool colors by Weeks Dye Works and wonderful Valdani Threads!

And last, but certainly not least is our free pattern of the month
in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Hope you all have been having a very safe and blessed fall!

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