Tuesday, November 16

Imagine if you will for a minute what it would be like at this very moment to find out that you are going to leave the comforts of everything you know to travel in a covered wagon to what you hope would be a better life hundreds of miles away from where you are at now. Imagine leaving behind everything you know- your friends- most of your family-and having the realization you may never see or hear from them again. . .
That's what we have spent the past week chatting about in our Prairie Women's Sewing Circle that meets three different dates/times here in the shop. It has been so enjoyable taking that trip back in time with all of the women who are participating in the club and discussing the ideas that the creator, Pam Buda, has come up with. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about what times where like when many of these women grew up. Textbooks can teach a person a lot in school, but not as much as the person who lived some of those things can!!!

Both of us gals have commented on how we think that those wagon train days were SOOO long ago and those that traveled those days were so much different than we were. . .but it is quite interesting to see the many similarities between our lives today and those back then.

Anyways. . .it was so much fun (to me) listening to those stories about clothing, how things have evolved from women wearing petti-coats, bonnets and long dresses to leaving the house in jeans, tennis shoes, and sweatshirts. Do any of you remember those shoes above? It was fun to learn about those that had to wear theses awful and uncomfortable saddle shoes to school, and those that loved these comfortable shoes. Even Lacey remembers wearing theses shoes once!!


Come Sunday the gals loaded up their "covered wagon" and headed to the cities to visit the Tri-State textile show. {This was our opportunity to see the newest gizmo's' and gadgets that were shown at fall market in Houston. We also got to see and order some new fabrics!!}

On the cities side of Hutchinson we noticed that our amount of snow on the ground at home was quite minor compared to the ever growing amount of snow we were seeing. We decided it would be fun (beings we don't get out much) to meander towards Rogers. Not only did there happen to be a quilt shop (Quilted Treasures) but we also got to hit up Cabelas to maybe check into some holiday shopping.

We decided we had some extra time before we met a dear friend for supper at Champps. We would head up to Albertville and see what they had to offer. As we cruised along the Interstate we saw the first exit into Albertville. We decided it was in a bit of a residential area so we'd keep truckin' on to the next exit . . . only to find out that there were no more exits to take. So we waved to the mall as we drove by and searched for the next exit to take us back into the cities.
Thinking that we were approaching a stop light to make a famous u-turn we merged over three lanes only to find out those green and red lights were the sign that tells us which lanes were open and which ones were closed. . .hence the green and red lights. . .so we continue to drive. . .

. . .to Monticello which is where the next exit off of the road happened to be.
This now meant that we were almost closer to St. Cloud than were were going to eat.
Anyways, we eventually made it to our destination and enjoyed a nice supper with a friend that we don't see very often. The night went by fast and before we knew it, it was time to call it a day.

When we rolled into Tri-State the next day we noticed we were graced with the presence of this bus. We have absolutely no idea who they are but the bus looked kinda cool sitting outside.

But Tuesday meant back to work day, and working we were. We are still busy sewing up quick samples for holiday season. Darci is about done with this beautiful muted lap quilt that will hopefully be finished for a better photo-op real soon.

Those of you looking for a quick stocking stuffer or even just a purse organizer may like this super quick and simple wallet or punch card holder.

Monday, November 8

Happy November!! It's so hard to believe that the year of 2010 is just a few months from being done and that the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas are drawing nearer each day.In light of the Thanksgiving holiday in just a couple short weeks, the wool designs for this months meeting are themed for the occasion. Darci's creativity has been flowing and we can't wait to see what the finished result will turn out to look like.
We've also been sneaking in some new cotton samples. The above table runner is a pattern by This & That and used the Holly Taylor holiday fabrics.

This quilt (shown a few posts earlier) is super close to being done. Seems like we just can't quite get the binding cut, ironed and sewn to make it complete. Many people who have come into the shop have commented on the choice of fabrics and especially the jumbo brown rick-rack that seemed to frame off the quilt top rather nicely!

A few days ago, the FedEx man stopped in to deliver a long-overdue package of fabrics by Whimisicals called "Tangled Threads". This is fabulous fabric to work with in beautiful fall tones. It also blends in beautifully with some of our coordinating pieces of "New Mist" that was by Moda's Sentimental Studios.

Now. . . if we just had some extra time to sew up some great samples!!!

Lacey decided to take a step out from the cotton box and tried her hand at sewing a pair of elf slippers. Seems like she may have got a bit side-tracked as only one slipper has been completed.
These are cute slippers are perfect for that youngster during the holiday season!!

We've had a lot of people looking for some quick, rather inexpensive holiday gift ideas.
We love doing tea towels.
We have a wonderful pattern by MeMe's Quilts that has lots of fun tea towel ideas that are quick to do and have small enough applique pieces that makes using up that stash work.

Our "Busy Binder" traded in her binding needles for the embroidery needle and did up these tree ornaments in a snap!
If you like to embroider, these ornaments would not only be cute hanging on your tree, or around the house, but would also make a quick gift.

She also finished up an embroidery project by Bareroots that she had done a while ago!
This quilt is oh so very fitting of her and she can't wait to get it back in her house to display.

I always have a hard time trying to end a post. I am not a big fan of "good bye" so I'll leave you with the one thing I remembered from part of the Kung Fu Panda movie we watched last night.,
There is a saying:
Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, but today is gift. That's why it is called "present".
Wishing that you all are able to take some time and enjoy your "present"!