Monday, January 24

Often times we hear people talk about wearing many hats.

Can you imagine walking around with a display like this for every hat you wear?

Some of us would have stacks much higher than this, and others much smaller.
I'm afraid that mine would tumble over, not that it would be so impossibly tall, but my head is generally stooped down fixing things, cutting things or sewing things. I'm glad mine are invisible.

The week, or at least mid-way thru we really started to chat about this.

One of our hats could be labeled as "driver" as we like to keep our jeep wheels rollin'

Darci strapped her "driver's" hat on this week and chauffeured into the cities one of the coldest days of this winter season.

Ever think you were alone?

While practicing for an American Idol addition, Lacey was loudly belting out words to a wonderfully upbeat song when while she watched the shop on that darn cold day Darci was gone. Much to her surprise she noticed someone had entered the shop while she loudly sang.

Sadly, I wasn't blessed with a SINGER hat, which may have caused a bit embarrassment.

Maybe in my next life I'll get that kind of hat and then. . .


Saturday brought us to a youth wrestling tourney.

Who knew wrestling started at age four?!?

The $4 admission fee was worth every penny with so much going on.

There were kids who seemed totally clueless as to what they were doing. (that'd be me)

There were kids who cried when they were about to get pinned. . .halting the match. . .

And then there were kids like the little man above, who were determined to win.

Jax was a stoked little boy who proudly showed us his 2nd place trophy and kept asking if he could wrestle again.

Flags of football (and our Pittsburgh Terrible Towel) was what got waved on Sunday.

We were thrilled that the teams we wanted to win won.

We now have 2 weeks to decide which flag we'll fly for our super bowl party.

Our neighbors to the east. . . or the team of the beautiful town of Pittsburgh.

Both of us gals put on our "BINDER" hats this weekend as we sat to bind off our newly quilted samples. Generally we send them over to the busy binder, but she is in the process of moving. Thankfully her move is just a few blocks away into a main level apartment place which should be much easier for her. But until she gets situated, we will continue to put on our "big girl thimbles" and sit and bind at night.

This runner above, is our newest shop addition. The fabrics we used were of the "Tangled Threads" by Whimsicals and the pattern in the book is by Gathering Friends called "You Asked For It". This was a quick runner that was very fun to do.

Once the thimbles were allowed to be put to rest, we picked up our books.

Darci has absolutely loved reading this book "Choosing to See" and highly recommends
this to anyone who is looking to a good and inspirational story of an everyday woman.

Now. . .onto a shop event that'll be held in a couple of weeks!
Bundle Up & Brave the Cold Night
Monday February 7 6pm - 8pm
We invite you to come on in, warm up and stock up after our cold January freeze.
Receive 10% off discount store wide (few exclusions apply) and an additional 5% off fore each of the following items you wear that night:

Bread bags over or in your boots


mad bomber hat OR earmuffs

Our new class offering samples will be on display that evening.

If mother nature doesn't allow the night to happen, all class offering information will be on our website the following day.

Thursday, January 20

A Breath of Fresh Air

A breath of fresh air. . .a line that has multiple meanings as I blog today.
With a temp that is zero and winds making it feel like -30 stepping outside means breathing in darn cold fresh air.....and when you step into the shop to warm up you'll be greeted by bright spring fabrics that are definitely a breath of fresh air from the weather outside.

These adorable little bloomers and britches are an easy to make item for any little kid.
This pattern by Jackie Clark gives you options on making either bloomers or britches in sizes newborn to 4T.

"Blue Light Special" came to us in pinks and reds. This quilt is very different from our typical patterns of choice in both colors and border styles. All fabrics used were from Luna Notte by Moda's 3 sisters fabrics, and gives this quilt a very old, antique/Victorian look. The quilt also features six borders!

A.B.C. and going to school. We sat and pondered what to make with our alphabet panels and came up with this. If you are looking to make a baby or kid quilt that is super simple this is the ticket as it's fast to sew and doesn't require a lot of fabric!

One of our more "shop fitting" fabric arrivals the UPS man dropped off.
This Blackbird Design fabric, "Antique Fair" by Moda sewed up lovely in the simple "Simplicity" pattern by This & That patterns. We expect this beautiful yardage to arrive sometime next month.

Remember that breath of fresh air in the fabrics?

Well. . .this is one of those breaths. This fun "Sunkissed" fabric designed by Sweetwater for Moda has been a great pick-me-upper this week. It has wonderfully soft and sweet greens, yellows, pinks and oranges. The pattern above was a front cover feature in a previous Quilt Sampler magazine and can be used as a table topper, wall hanging, or if you're on the shorter order like me a nice lap quilt.

Darci (yes, believe it or not) has been in love working with these fabrics!! A sign the shop will change over to these fabrics...probably not, but when it's this darn cold and snowy nothing will get you cheered up better than "Fresh Flowers" by Deb Strain of Moda fabrics. The table runner shown in this photo is a free pattern to accompany the fabric line with fun dimensional "buds" in the border.

Until next time, we hope that sunkissed thoughts about warm sunny days and fresh flowers may fill your thoughts.
Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, January 4

I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas and that dear ol' Mr. Santa brought you everything that you had hoped for.

Although the start of our holiday celebration got off to quite a rocky start we were able to take a brief break and celebrate the true meaning of the holidays with our family. Of course we received more than we thought we needed and ate until the buttons were about to pop off of our jeans. But during our celebrations, our thought would drift back to more important business.

On December 23 we got news that a family member had had a brain aneurysm. Our close knit family spent the night in a crowded ICU room, praying that he'd be alright, and much to our relief he should make a full recovery. We've all talked since coming home about how much that has affected us and our mindset that Christmas will never be the same. It's amazing how much we run around to find that perfect gift, and to get it at the perfect price, and in the end it's where you are going (to spend it with people you love) that is what really matters. Next Christmas when I'm sitting in church at my favorite Christmas Eve service I hope my memory drifts back to this year. I anticipate that I will sit in the pew and much like this year think about those families who are huddled together in those lounges waiting, and praying their loved one will be alright.

It is hard to get a grasp on just how quick time goes by. I especially felt this way when all the talk about the best/worst hair styles, clothing trends, movies and music of the decade started. It was one of those Oh- I guess it has been 10 years since the fear that the end of the world was upon us has happened. I remember celebrating that year 2000 with a good friend, staying up until midnight just to make sure that a new day came and ten years later it came in without me.

On New Year's day our annual ice fishing trip fell thru the ice. Mother Nature handed us a nice amount of rain to add to the already slushed-up lakes. Instead, us gals spent the day sewing in our "new" sewing room.

We sat and spun our wheels while we listened to the wind blow. I guess we both did a very poor job in packing supplies to take home. I guess that is one luxury of sewing all day in a quilt shop. All of the fabric you are using is just a few steps away...and those steps didn't wind their way to our sewing room at home. To top things off we were sewing on 2 machines neither of us were familiar with. Nothing is worse than having 2 people who have to dig out the cheat sheets to get the machines threaded all the while praying that the bobbin would last thru the day.

Darci began work on her next Prairie Women's project and thanks to the help of one spunky lady, had it twist together with much more ease.

Earlier that morning, before heading up stairs we vegged out in the our favorite chairs and ate warm muffins while we watch morning quilt shows.

Just when we thought we'd get up to leave Eleanor Burns appeared.
We decided to watch her 1/2 hour program and extended our lives laughing while we did.

We learned a few things.

#1- Pitching your fabric scraps over your shoulder looks fun...and it is fun...until you have to clean it up. If only there was a quilting fairy to do that trick.

#2- We learned an awful lot about eagles. Maybe the next time we have a class in the shop we should try this new idea of multi-tasking. Not only will you leave having learnt a new technique but you'll know more about it's history!!

#3- Eleanor is seems to be the pioneer in the quilting field of the "If I cut it bigger I can trim it later" philosophy. One that both of us gals like ;)

Lacey decided to work on something that was bright and springy for this "Spring" table topper by Heather Mulder Peterson. Although things seemed to be all hunky-dory on Saturday, they weren't on Monday. Lacey's lesson for the new year should be to read directions instead of assuming that she knows what she's doing. Either way she fudged it in and has just the quilting and binding left.

At the end of the day we again vegged out (eating popcorn this time) while we watched Eat. Pray. Love. We ventured into the theatre to watch this when it came out and have had customers come in and share their opinions on this book, and although most of the time it's not a well received book/movie, I found a few things quite interesting. So much so that if I were to make new years resolutions, I'd consider one to be inspired by this movie.

Dolce far niente "The sweetness of doing nothing"

Leading up to this point in the movie one of the Italian men tells Julia Roberts, among other things, that Americans work too hard and get burnt out. I found that statement to be quite true. I have learnt a habit of feeling guilty just sitting in a chair. I feel like I should be doing something, making progress for the shop in hand work for samples, or doing some house hold task. This year I hope to try and make peace with the phrase "Dolce far niente" and just be okay in the sweetness of doing nothing (even if it is for just 5 minutes--gotta start somewhere)

(excuse my photo taking skills on this one) But I think I could spend 5 minutes looking at this wall hanging by Miss. Rosie. This cute Schnibble pattern called "Silver Swan" has so much to look at!! It is a great pattern to use charm packs for, and is something that you can have a bit of fudge room with as you trim all of your blocks down. A good friend said the other day that A successful quilt holds your attention and I would have to say that Carrie Nelson designed a very successful quilt pattern.

We also found a bit of time last year (oh that's just so odd to say) to finish up a quick little table topper by This & That patterns. This is a quick and easy little gift that you can easily stitch up in a day for someone special. The wine bottle sleeve in the photo is Darci's newest dabble in design. This weekend there is a benefit here in town for the Justin Ulferts family and it will be put on the silent auction to help raise proceeds for him and his family to off-set medical expenses.
We hope that you all had a very wonderful and safe New Year!
We look forward to keeping up with all of you in 2011