Monday, January 24

Often times we hear people talk about wearing many hats.

Can you imagine walking around with a display like this for every hat you wear?

Some of us would have stacks much higher than this, and others much smaller.
I'm afraid that mine would tumble over, not that it would be so impossibly tall, but my head is generally stooped down fixing things, cutting things or sewing things. I'm glad mine are invisible.

The week, or at least mid-way thru we really started to chat about this.

One of our hats could be labeled as "driver" as we like to keep our jeep wheels rollin'

Darci strapped her "driver's" hat on this week and chauffeured into the cities one of the coldest days of this winter season.

Ever think you were alone?

While practicing for an American Idol addition, Lacey was loudly belting out words to a wonderfully upbeat song when while she watched the shop on that darn cold day Darci was gone. Much to her surprise she noticed someone had entered the shop while she loudly sang.

Sadly, I wasn't blessed with a SINGER hat, which may have caused a bit embarrassment.

Maybe in my next life I'll get that kind of hat and then. . .


Saturday brought us to a youth wrestling tourney.

Who knew wrestling started at age four?!?

The $4 admission fee was worth every penny with so much going on.

There were kids who seemed totally clueless as to what they were doing. (that'd be me)

There were kids who cried when they were about to get pinned. . .halting the match. . .

And then there were kids like the little man above, who were determined to win.

Jax was a stoked little boy who proudly showed us his 2nd place trophy and kept asking if he could wrestle again.

Flags of football (and our Pittsburgh Terrible Towel) was what got waved on Sunday.

We were thrilled that the teams we wanted to win won.

We now have 2 weeks to decide which flag we'll fly for our super bowl party.

Our neighbors to the east. . . or the team of the beautiful town of Pittsburgh.

Both of us gals put on our "BINDER" hats this weekend as we sat to bind off our newly quilted samples. Generally we send them over to the busy binder, but she is in the process of moving. Thankfully her move is just a few blocks away into a main level apartment place which should be much easier for her. But until she gets situated, we will continue to put on our "big girl thimbles" and sit and bind at night.

This runner above, is our newest shop addition. The fabrics we used were of the "Tangled Threads" by Whimsicals and the pattern in the book is by Gathering Friends called "You Asked For It". This was a quick runner that was very fun to do.

Once the thimbles were allowed to be put to rest, we picked up our books.

Darci has absolutely loved reading this book "Choosing to See" and highly recommends
this to anyone who is looking to a good and inspirational story of an everyday woman.

Now. . .onto a shop event that'll be held in a couple of weeks!
Bundle Up & Brave the Cold Night
Monday February 7 6pm - 8pm
We invite you to come on in, warm up and stock up after our cold January freeze.
Receive 10% off discount store wide (few exclusions apply) and an additional 5% off fore each of the following items you wear that night:

Bread bags over or in your boots


mad bomber hat OR earmuffs

Our new class offering samples will be on display that evening.

If mother nature doesn't allow the night to happen, all class offering information will be on our website the following day.

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