Monday, March 28

March Madness

We were thrilled to have spent most of the past week in the cities following

the MACCRAY Wolverine basketball team as they played in the state tourney and watched them as they placed 3rd in Class A!!! Congrats to them :)

We started the madness on Thursday as we burned up the wash boarded snowy road at a speedy 35-40 miles an hour. This can make for a long trip as not only does it seem like it takes forever but you have no clue where cars you meet will be without any line guides. . .


Thankfully we allowed extra time for both travel and parking. For anyone who has taken in games at The Barn (Williams Arena on the U of M campus) you know that parking can be a bit tricky. Having thought 40 minutes would be ample time to park we found out it wasn't. But thankfully we snuck into a ramp and arrived right as player intros were given. For the first time the team made it out of round #1!!


Day #2 brought us to the Target Center. This is a much, much easier place to park and leave from which was quite nice. This is a fun place to take in games, although the atmosphere was very much different from the day before. The boys played a team that is a mere 35 or so miles from home. . .funny how that works, and unfortunately lost. It was fun to see such a great attendance from the community, and of course those who couldn't see in person could watch on T.V.


Day #3 brought us to the final game of the season. We watched the consolation game at Concordia University where they boys played an excellent game and finished 3rd to bring home the hardware, which was fun to see them do. We had a great time watching that game as the team played Chisholm. Darci watched the coach of that team coach his teams in state tourney while she was growing up. It was fun for her to see him up close and in person!


Now. . .MARCH MADNESS. . .Shades of the Past Style

Thursday March 31 from 10am - 5pm

we are having our March Madness Sales Event.

$25.00 fat quarter bundles (bundle contains 25 fat quarters)

Bundles are pre-bundled and are bundled in various color styles

While supplies last

25% off select kits

25% off printed fabrics (1 yard minimum cuts from same bolt)

25% off clearance fabrics (3 yard minimum from same bolt)

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Wednesday, March 23


Are you a righty or a lefty?
Silly question. . .right?
I'm not talking about whether or not you favor your right hand or left hand but rather if you are a right brained person-or a left brained person.

Still silly--yes--I know.

Last week we had a very interesting conversation with a gal who had taken this test to find out a bit more about herself and why she thinks the ways she does. So last weekend both of us gals decided to take a test--it's always nice to know why you do what you do and to learn that even though the people around you think you are abnormal (and are too nice to say it) you really aren't!

If you have never taken such a thing, take a couple minutes and click here and you too shall be able to answer the question and learn a bit more about you.

Turns out Darci is a total right brain. She of course already knew this would be the result before the results were formulated. She is a very dominant righty and her creativity proves this!!

Lacey on the other hand was equal with a very slight left brain dominance. Might explain why she would much rather grab a pattern someone else wrote instead of writing up her own.

So in the end we have decided that when we cannot see eye to eye we'll blame it on our brains.

Now, whether you are a righty or lefty we can all agree that when we woke up today the season that was suppose to have started on Sunday (for those of you scratching your head that answer should have been spring) decided to run away and hide.

What a slap in the face as just a couple days ago when we had lovely water puddles showing that the power of the sun could melt that snow away and we could see the promise of green grass. Some of us were actually alright with the idea of mowing lawn. But in the span of a few hours we instead gave up the mower, dawned our long underwear, wool coat, mittens, caps, boots and got that darn old shovel to scoop what seems like the heaviest snow of the season.

Although I shouldn't complain I must say the timing of this could not seem any worse.

As I sit here typing this the sirens are going off. Typically this is never a good thing as it means that either you are going to be getting a ticket (especially if the officer has to leave his car on a day like today) or you are in an ambulance . . . but not today.

Today--the fire trucks are escorting a groups of stars out of town as they represent three very proud towns in the boys state basketball tournament.
Luck was sure on their side was week as they punched their tickets to the state tourney, something that has not been done since 1996!!
We cannot wait to head down tomorrow morning to cheer them on- and no matter what happens that first game they will all still be stars to the town followers!
The other day while I was "wasting some time" (which never happens when you log on the Internet!!) I found the Just One Star project that Moda is working on. They hope to make 100 quilts in 100 days and will send them off to the Semper Fi Fund. They are asking that you create a block, shown above, and send to them. It just seems like such a wonderful cause to support and would be a great way to use up some of that blue and red stash at home. To read more about the project, and print the block directions and place to mail your block please click here (please note that you may have to look at their older posts to find the info!)

It's been a while since we've made a penny rug with tongues but it has been a nice change of pace. This is something our wool group is hoping to start on and will be a monthly series that can be either a wall hanging, like shown above, a block (to form a large size hanging, or that can be framed) or a tea towel. We are just hoping that we will see these flowers soon!

Both of us gals have been busy working on fun new projects. Darci is using the new "Flair" fabrics by G.E Designs and almost has hers finished!! Make sure you stop back to check out the finished results--this has been a quilt that's gathered lots of interest in the shop!

Lacey has been working a quilt with the Antique Fair jelly rolls and strip tube ruler. This has been a quick and fun technique that has started to make a beautiful quilt. Again--you'll have to stop back and find the finished result next week!!
Here's to warm spring thoughts and hoping that the next time you come to visit you won't need to bring your yellow rubber boat!

Wednesday, March 16

a.) A force that brings good fortune or adversity
b.) Events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual
Why the info on Luck you may ask. . .
well St. Patty's Day of course!!
However, if you don't really celebrate the holiday like us- you may be in luck to see that we have some new fabric arrivals!! We decided to do a Sample Spree order of the stuff that will be shipping to stores this summer (doesn't that word sound wonderful?!) Sad to say this is all winter fabric...thankfully none of it has those darn snowflakes pasted on it!!
If you are looking for some fresh fabrics you're in luck as Strawberry Fields by Fig Tree has come into the shop. Her color palate is always so wonderful and put together and always seem to coordinate well with all of her other fabrics! (No yardage--only charm packs)
If you are looking for more along the lines of traditional red & green holiday colors this may be a good color choice for you- and of course it has the deeply fabulous 3 Sister's browns as well as bone colored fabrics. Grace brings the fabric designers usual floral design with some funky coordinating prints & stripes. (Again--no yardage just charm packs)
Kansas Troubles...the name says it all. Warm Memories gives you rich reds- browns, golds & tans to work with as the seasons start to change. Cute and subtle designs lend themselves to be wonderful blender pieces to work with almost any project! (Layer cakes & Jelly rolls are in of the stuff to arrive this summer)

Our goat kart is loaded with something quite different. Flair by Gudrun Erla (G.E. Designs)

We have a very fun pattern that she's designed that uses the whole collection (which we have) and makes interesting use of the panel fabric. Now--we just need to have a little luck finding some spare time to work with this fun new pattern!!!

On the topic of Luck. . .I promise I'll quit soon...

We are very lucky to celebrate a special birthday tomorrow- -DARCI--the Irish baby will celebrate her birthday tomorrow on St. Patty's day. Her plans don't involve going out on the town & drinking green wine but rather heading out of town early to cheer on the MACCRAY boys basketball team as they play their final game at SMSU in Marshall for a chance to stamp their ticket to the state tourney next week.

Due to the time of the game (5:00pm) we will be closing at 3:00 p.m. so we can travel out of town and support the team. We apologize for any troubles this may cause. We'll be back to regular times on Thursday.

March madness---gotta love it!

Tuesday, March 8

Laughing with flowers

~The Earth Laughs in Flowers"
E. E Cummings

After a day of using up some of our accumulating wool felt scrap we looked outside to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers that had sprung up from our snowbank by the door.

Lilac Hill by Brannock & Patek of Moda.

These are beautiful fabrics that we are itching to get working with!

The 5-yard Quilt. . .again.

We've had so much fun using this pattern as it's great for any types of fabric. The fabrics we used in the one above were Fresh Flowers by Deb Strain. If you need a great quilt to cheer you or a friend up (and are maybe limited with time) this is a wonderful & cheery lap quilt.

For those of you who may do a bit of spring cleaning, and happen to clean the sewing area this may be for you. I know here in the shop we quite often have a piece of batting that is much too big for our project but use it, cut away the excess and put it aside for later. The only problem is that excess you saved never seems to be quite the right size and it's hard sometimes to use them up. Both of us gals have given the Heat Press Batting adhesive a try and would both say that it is something worth trying.

It was really quite quick to do-neither of us had the iron gum up-and neither of us seemed to be able to feel where that seam line was at. Both of us agree it's quicker than sewing and you have a better chance at not feeling that joining line. . .

And just in time for our next Woolie Wednesday meeting is the newest addition to
PastThyme Patterns called: Here a Chick, There a Chick.

Last weekend we spent some couch time working on some of the above projects and some that we have yet to finish. For the first time in a LONG time we actually rented 4 movies that were all good ones. Typically we don't recommend many movies but the series above were good.

Due Date-we spent time laughing with the men in the family

Life as We Know It- all around one of the best movies we've seen in a while.

Secretariat- inspirational true story! great from the moment it started!!

Conviction- can make you think a bit--based on true events

So, until our snow melts and spring flowers start to show through,
grab some wool felt scraps and start to help the earth laugh. . .with flowers.

Monday, March 7

Moda Bake Shop: Pinwheel Twist

We are thrilled to have our first published pattern on
Moda BakeShop!!
To view our tutorial on how to make this "Pinwheel Twist"
please click here