Tuesday, March 8

Laughing with flowers

~The Earth Laughs in Flowers"
E. E Cummings

After a day of using up some of our accumulating wool felt scrap we looked outside to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers that had sprung up from our snowbank by the door.

Lilac Hill by Brannock & Patek of Moda.

These are beautiful fabrics that we are itching to get working with!

The 5-yard Quilt. . .again.

We've had so much fun using this pattern as it's great for any types of fabric. The fabrics we used in the one above were Fresh Flowers by Deb Strain. If you need a great quilt to cheer you or a friend up (and are maybe limited with time) this is a wonderful & cheery lap quilt.

For those of you who may do a bit of spring cleaning, and happen to clean the sewing area this may be for you. I know here in the shop we quite often have a piece of batting that is much too big for our project but use it, cut away the excess and put it aside for later. The only problem is that excess you saved never seems to be quite the right size and it's hard sometimes to use them up. Both of us gals have given the Heat Press Batting adhesive a try and would both say that it is something worth trying.

It was really quite quick to do-neither of us had the iron gum up-and neither of us seemed to be able to feel where that seam line was at. Both of us agree it's quicker than sewing and you have a better chance at not feeling that joining line. . .

And just in time for our next Woolie Wednesday meeting is the newest addition to
PastThyme Patterns called: Here a Chick, There a Chick.

Last weekend we spent some couch time working on some of the above projects and some that we have yet to finish. For the first time in a LONG time we actually rented 4 movies that were all good ones. Typically we don't recommend many movies but the series above were good.

Due Date-we spent time laughing with the men in the family

Life as We Know It- all around one of the best movies we've seen in a while.

Secretariat- inspirational true story! great from the moment it started!!

Conviction- can make you think a bit--based on true events

So, until our snow melts and spring flowers start to show through,
grab some wool felt scraps and start to help the earth laugh. . .with flowers.

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