Wednesday, March 16

a.) A force that brings good fortune or adversity
b.) Events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual
Why the info on Luck you may ask. . .
well St. Patty's Day of course!!
However, if you don't really celebrate the holiday like us- you may be in luck to see that we have some new fabric arrivals!! We decided to do a Sample Spree order of the stuff that will be shipping to stores this summer (doesn't that word sound wonderful?!) Sad to say this is all winter fabric...thankfully none of it has those darn snowflakes pasted on it!!
If you are looking for some fresh fabrics you're in luck as Strawberry Fields by Fig Tree has come into the shop. Her color palate is always so wonderful and put together and always seem to coordinate well with all of her other fabrics! (No yardage--only charm packs)
If you are looking for more along the lines of traditional red & green holiday colors this may be a good color choice for you- and of course it has the deeply fabulous 3 Sister's browns as well as bone colored fabrics. Grace brings the fabric designers usual floral design with some funky coordinating prints & stripes. (Again--no yardage just charm packs)
Kansas Troubles...the name says it all. Warm Memories gives you rich reds- browns, golds & tans to work with as the seasons start to change. Cute and subtle designs lend themselves to be wonderful blender pieces to work with almost any project! (Layer cakes & Jelly rolls are in of the stuff to arrive this summer)

Our goat kart is loaded with something quite different. Flair by Gudrun Erla (G.E. Designs)

We have a very fun pattern that she's designed that uses the whole collection (which we have) and makes interesting use of the panel fabric. Now--we just need to have a little luck finding some spare time to work with this fun new pattern!!!

On the topic of Luck. . .I promise I'll quit soon...

We are very lucky to celebrate a special birthday tomorrow- -DARCI--the Irish baby will celebrate her birthday tomorrow on St. Patty's day. Her plans don't involve going out on the town & drinking green wine but rather heading out of town early to cheer on the MACCRAY boys basketball team as they play their final game at SMSU in Marshall for a chance to stamp their ticket to the state tourney next week.

Due to the time of the game (5:00pm) we will be closing at 3:00 p.m. so we can travel out of town and support the team. We apologize for any troubles this may cause. We'll be back to regular times on Thursday.

March madness---gotta love it!

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