Monday, March 28

March Madness

We were thrilled to have spent most of the past week in the cities following

the MACCRAY Wolverine basketball team as they played in the state tourney and watched them as they placed 3rd in Class A!!! Congrats to them :)

We started the madness on Thursday as we burned up the wash boarded snowy road at a speedy 35-40 miles an hour. This can make for a long trip as not only does it seem like it takes forever but you have no clue where cars you meet will be without any line guides. . .


Thankfully we allowed extra time for both travel and parking. For anyone who has taken in games at The Barn (Williams Arena on the U of M campus) you know that parking can be a bit tricky. Having thought 40 minutes would be ample time to park we found out it wasn't. But thankfully we snuck into a ramp and arrived right as player intros were given. For the first time the team made it out of round #1!!


Day #2 brought us to the Target Center. This is a much, much easier place to park and leave from which was quite nice. This is a fun place to take in games, although the atmosphere was very much different from the day before. The boys played a team that is a mere 35 or so miles from home. . .funny how that works, and unfortunately lost. It was fun to see such a great attendance from the community, and of course those who couldn't see in person could watch on T.V.


Day #3 brought us to the final game of the season. We watched the consolation game at Concordia University where they boys played an excellent game and finished 3rd to bring home the hardware, which was fun to see them do. We had a great time watching that game as the team played Chisholm. Darci watched the coach of that team coach his teams in state tourney while she was growing up. It was fun for her to see him up close and in person!


Now. . .MARCH MADNESS. . .Shades of the Past Style

Thursday March 31 from 10am - 5pm

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