Wednesday, March 23


Are you a righty or a lefty?
Silly question. . .right?
I'm not talking about whether or not you favor your right hand or left hand but rather if you are a right brained person-or a left brained person.

Still silly--yes--I know.

Last week we had a very interesting conversation with a gal who had taken this test to find out a bit more about herself and why she thinks the ways she does. So last weekend both of us gals decided to take a test--it's always nice to know why you do what you do and to learn that even though the people around you think you are abnormal (and are too nice to say it) you really aren't!

If you have never taken such a thing, take a couple minutes and click here and you too shall be able to answer the question and learn a bit more about you.

Turns out Darci is a total right brain. She of course already knew this would be the result before the results were formulated. She is a very dominant righty and her creativity proves this!!

Lacey on the other hand was equal with a very slight left brain dominance. Might explain why she would much rather grab a pattern someone else wrote instead of writing up her own.

So in the end we have decided that when we cannot see eye to eye we'll blame it on our brains.

Now, whether you are a righty or lefty we can all agree that when we woke up today the season that was suppose to have started on Sunday (for those of you scratching your head that answer should have been spring) decided to run away and hide.

What a slap in the face as just a couple days ago when we had lovely water puddles showing that the power of the sun could melt that snow away and we could see the promise of green grass. Some of us were actually alright with the idea of mowing lawn. But in the span of a few hours we instead gave up the mower, dawned our long underwear, wool coat, mittens, caps, boots and got that darn old shovel to scoop what seems like the heaviest snow of the season.

Although I shouldn't complain I must say the timing of this could not seem any worse.

As I sit here typing this the sirens are going off. Typically this is never a good thing as it means that either you are going to be getting a ticket (especially if the officer has to leave his car on a day like today) or you are in an ambulance . . . but not today.

Today--the fire trucks are escorting a groups of stars out of town as they represent three very proud towns in the boys state basketball tournament.
Luck was sure on their side was week as they punched their tickets to the state tourney, something that has not been done since 1996!!
We cannot wait to head down tomorrow morning to cheer them on- and no matter what happens that first game they will all still be stars to the town followers!
The other day while I was "wasting some time" (which never happens when you log on the Internet!!) I found the Just One Star project that Moda is working on. They hope to make 100 quilts in 100 days and will send them off to the Semper Fi Fund. They are asking that you create a block, shown above, and send to them. It just seems like such a wonderful cause to support and would be a great way to use up some of that blue and red stash at home. To read more about the project, and print the block directions and place to mail your block please click here (please note that you may have to look at their older posts to find the info!)

It's been a while since we've made a penny rug with tongues but it has been a nice change of pace. This is something our wool group is hoping to start on and will be a monthly series that can be either a wall hanging, like shown above, a block (to form a large size hanging, or that can be framed) or a tea towel. We are just hoping that we will see these flowers soon!

Both of us gals have been busy working on fun new projects. Darci is using the new "Flair" fabrics by G.E Designs and almost has hers finished!! Make sure you stop back to check out the finished results--this has been a quilt that's gathered lots of interest in the shop!

Lacey has been working a quilt with the Antique Fair jelly rolls and strip tube ruler. This has been a quick and fun technique that has started to make a beautiful quilt. Again--you'll have to stop back and find the finished result next week!!
Here's to warm spring thoughts and hoping that the next time you come to visit you won't need to bring your yellow rubber boat!

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