Friday, April 29

The good old alarm clock rang this morning at 3:45 a.m. to wake me up for something that I had not initially intended on watching.

As many of you know today was day that William & Kate celebrated their love

for the whole world to see. . .

Both of us gals decided that this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for

the both of us to spend our morning watching a little piece of history.

And although the press may get a bit carried away with their constant spotlight on the couple it was nice to see something more positive and exciting in the news for a change of pace!

Many people remember the day that Princess Dianna had what seemed to be the fairy tale wedding to her Prince Charles. She was a person whom captivated millions of people.

It has been fun hearing people this week chat about getting up to watch her wedding.

For us here in the states this seems to be such a fascinating experience to watch.

It seems as if the whole world feels a connection to the two young men that Dianna & Charles had which seemed to have made this particular royal wedding something special.

It was a very touching thing to watch in its own special way and although I could spend more time rambling on about how intrigued I was at many things I saw, I'll spare you the details.

However, both of us gals seemed to have noticed one particular fashion trend:


It seemed as if every lady had a hat on.

Plain hats.

Flowered hats.

Feathered hats.

Hats of all shapes.

Hats of all sizes.

Hats of all colors.

You get the idea. . .

And if a lady didn't have a hat--there was some sort of feather/flowered piece in her hair.

Can you imagine trying to get a good clear view in such a vast sea of hats?

As nice as many of them looked on the women who wore them, I hope this isn't a trend that will catch on too quickly here. I can't say as I can picture many of your regulars walking into the shop with a donned fancy feathered hat--although some of you would probably pull them off quite well. . .

But no matter what fashion trends may come from this (which will be fun to see) both of us gals and those who got up early to watch it as well will always remember the day they got up to see the wedding the whole world watched.

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