Friday, April 15

This week seems like it has just flown by. . .and although we really did feel like we had a good week of accomplishments in the shop it doesn't really seem like we have a lot to show for!

But. . .what new we did get done we are excited about and can't wait to show you...

The "Busy Binder" and Lacey ended up doing a double-team on this beautiful quilt top.

The pattern, "Here, There & Everywhere" by Prairie Sky Quilting, gave us many options to use for the quilt top. Simply choose 3 fabrics (we may have, as usual, changed that to four) and one of the three block patterns given to use for your quilt top.

The quilt above is a nice lap size, although the pattern gives directions to go from a crib to king.

I believe a couple posts ago we showed these wonderful blue & yellow fabrics.

Now we have our sample using them.

This is a very different color scheme for us but love the way it turned out.

The pattern is called "Just Can't Cut It" by All Washed Up and is a super, super pattern to use a nice focal print for, and creates a quilt that can easily be sewn up in a day.

Wouldn't this photo have looked absolutely lovely on a lush green lawn?

Dreaming that spring (and dry conditions) will be here soon!!

Darci is back at it again with her wool creations and is very excited about here newest stuff.

The above project is the start of a monthly collection designed by her.

The background (with the pennies on it) will always be your background giving you the option to change out the rug center (daffodils) each month.

It's been a long time since she's been quite this excited about one of her projects

and we are anxious to see where this road leads her!

(If anyone happens to be interested in this. Kits for the background are $25. The background pieces are cut to size & all of your pennies have been pre-cut in the shop so all you have to do is simply grab some thread and start stitchin'!!! Each months mat will vary in price)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

With the Easter holiday shortly upon us we want to wish you all very safe travels to and from your destinations and wonderful times with your family and friends.

Blessings to all of you!

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