Monday, May 9

Little Bits

Sure doesn't seem like spring has made its final arrival quite yet but we'll start with little bits of that.

It's been a busy couple of weeks here in the shop--so busy that I didn't seem to get my posts in!

But with the new arrivals of fabrics and patterns, and new samples sewn up we seem to have found
a nice collection of things that reminded us of a little bit of spring, a little bit of summer and a little bit of winter

~A Little Bit of Spring/Summer~

Just last weekend we celebrated Mother's Day and hope that all of you moms had a fantastic day being pampered for the hard work you put into keeping your families going!

Of course we couldn't have spring without having Prom.

Remember those days??

Spending yesterday chatting a bit with our moms and grandmas we enjoyed hearing and talking about how much prom dresses have changed over the years. It's always fun (and sometimes quite embarrassing) to look back at yourself in time. . .

We were fortunate to have a beautiful evening here in town for the annual walk through Lion's Park as it has been a few years since the weather has fully cooperated without gale winds, rain, or bitter cold.

As much fun as it always is to see everyone all dressed up in their tuxes, pretty dresses with the fun flowers, and sporty cars we were sure glad that we were headed home in our jeans, t-shirts and flip flops. . .

With a brief break from the rain the 3 racing junkies (Darci excluded) headed north to watch their friends go fast and turn left around the track in Alexandria. All 3 thoroughly enjoyed getting the season underway and look forward to more nights to come. . .

. . .meanwhile Darci has stayed busy tapping into the surge of creativity she has found in planning her new monthly wool series here in the shop.

Spring time always gives way to lots of fresh blooming flowers-one of those flowers being Lilacs. We sure can't wait for those lovely colored, fragrant flowers to start showing themselves by the shop soon!!

The second of the monthly patterns for this Wednesday meeting is the watering can bouquet.

For those interested--the wool group meets this Wednesday (May 11) at 1:30pm & 5:30pm

~New Arrivals~

These two new items are wonderful additions to any sewing collection.

They work wonderful for traveling to retreats or to class and are loaded with pockets to help keep all of your notions separated. The pattern is Pockets to Go by Atkinson Design and pattern contains both sized bags.

We used the Tangled in Threads fabrics by Whimsicals.

~A Little Bit of Winter?~

This word Winter isn't really a popular word to use around here after the one we are trying to finish up with. But none the less that is part of the new arrivals in fabric. Not just winter. . . but Christmas.

Yes--scary word when we don't have flowers and fields planted but it's good to plan ahead!!

Jovial charm packs are one of our newest arrivals in the shop by BasicGrey from Moda.

These at the moment are Lacey's favorite holiday arrival due to the non-traditional blacks, bright greens, turquoise blues, fun reds and white whites. It's fun to play with different colors!!

This is the start of our "Charlotte" sample using those Jovial fabrics. Very fun table topper that uses up most of the charm pack. Should be fun to see the final results!!

For those of you not into the trendy holiday fabrics this is simply fab fabric by Holly Taylor!

Wonderful greens, reds and creams. Great cardinal panel will arrive late this summer and is something that you won't want to miss out on!!

~A Little Bit of Shown 'n Tell~

Our Prairie Women's Group has been keeping themselves quite busy working on finishing up their first journey and jumping right into Journey 2. It is always such an interesting meeting session learning about the past and seeing the beautiful show and tells that they all bring in with them. We sure hope that you all enjoy their hard work they have put into the projects as much as we do!!

Beautiful baskets by Betty.

We love the skinny red border she added the quilt top!

Betty's yo-yo mat.

Sharon and her basket quilt.

Sharon and her yo-yo mat. We love the shape she chose to use!!

Sharon's "Spools" version of the Bow-Tie quilt from Journey #1.

It's always fun to see everyone's perspectives on patterns and how they all use their creativity!

Phyllis and her basket quilt.

We love the 2-color basket combo that she used on the quilt!!

And last but not least Susan and her basket quilt.
Using 30s fabric sure gave it a different twist doesn't it?

Until next time. . .

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