Tuesday, July 19

Busy Beavers.

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That's what we've been here in the shop!!

Yesterday our colony (that's a group of beavers) gathered to help us in rolling logs for our expected guests during the state shop hop.

Our busy beaver crew gathered 18 different 12 inch "twigs"

laid each twig into one stack on the table (aligning the edges)

And rolled them all up in a neat little roll.

We found some left over "glue" and ripped sections to tie the twigs together

and then put our label on them so other busy beavers would know where they

gathered their log from.

At the end of our long hot day we had successfully rolled up three boxes full of logs!!

(If you want one of our logs make sure you hop to each of our 10 Southwest Sector shops during the Minnesota State Shop Hop that starts next Friday *July 29* and ends *Aug. 14* Upon your completion of our sector you will get a fabulous "log" (SW Wrap) containing (18) 1/3 yard cuts of Galaxy neutral fabrics.

If beavers aren't your thing maybe Woodchucks are.

We seem to have a nice crop of them this year at our shop.

As innocent looking as he may appear I think they are not.

However (if you are a die hard animal lover you may wish to skip to the skunk please note that this little animal escaped unharmed)

Like I said--we seem to have a crop of these woodchucks this year, and while the Geico commercial with woodchucks chucking the wood is funny, having them live under your deck is not.

A couple years ago our neighbor got one in a cage. Of course he happened to have a nice group of young on-lookers who stopped to chat with them that day and they enjoyed making memories of trying to bug the woodchuck in its cage that they still reminisce about today.

A couple weeks ago we laughed at the scene of this neighbor trying to"sneak" with a B.B gun up on a woodchuck who was just a wee bit quicker/smarter than our dear old hunter.

This scene continued on and off for a week or so. . .until

we saw one of the young on-lookers from a couple years ago running/pointing at the running woodchuck headed the quilt shop with the dear old pellet gun hunter right behind him.

And just when we thought the darn old woodchuck had met his maker he darted between the two hunters and under our quilt shop steps.

The two decided to stomp on the porch--hoping to scare him out.

This--did not work.

The two decided to spray break cleaner through the crack on the porch--hoping to scare him out.

This---did work--eventually. And with one bent over seeing if the woodchuck was coming out and the other with the break cleaner in his hand the woodchuck darted out from under the steps and ran to safety before either one of them could react fast enough to shoot it. . .

leaving us in our back room to sew in break cleaner fumes praying that someone would resist the urge to light a match.

If woodchucks and beavers aren't your thing maybes skunks are?

A few weeks ago Joe reluctantly took Lacey with on a skunk hunting episode where the were unsuccessful on finding its location. A few days ago the other hunter missed his opportunity on eliminating our skunk friend who enjoys hanging on on the driveway.

The same night as the missed attempt on the skunk Lacey was in the orchard picking up sticks when the two family dogs decided to see if this black and white cat wanted to be their friend. Against a desperate attempt to get them both to safety, Lacey hollered and while the older, wiser dog listened, curiosity got the best of little one and she learned the hard way just how terrible tasting skunk spray is and just how smelly you get with it on you.

After tearing apart the house, Lacey found the proper skunk removal ingredients:

1 qt. hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 c. baking soda, 2 tsp. liquid dish soap and warm water

and most importantly: RUBBER GLOVES and old clothes.

The little dog and Lacey successfully managed to remove most of the odor so she could spend the evening in the house. What a true friend.

We also celebrate the big white dogs birthday with pizza last night.

It is her favorite food of all time.

(See--we really do love animals!!)

Aside from rolling up logs, watching men chase woodchucks and washing skunk out from dogs we have made time this past week to play some intense games of scrabble.

Isn't it such a great feeling to have used up ALL of the tiles in the bag and have NONE on your boards?

(Don't look too carefully at our words above--we cheated the last game we played!)

We also finished up some projects that we had started.

The one above combines some applique and embroidery and makes a perfect

thing to frame and hang/stand or even would be a nice pillow.


We fell in love with this little candle mat at the Quilt Show in Mpls.

It's hard to find a cute mat with these fun little birds and seems to be a customer favorite this month!!

This pattern is by Willow Wood Market out of Bemidji, MN and we have both patterns and kits ready to go.

We also have a new sample done out of some of those charm packs that you saw in our last post. The charm pack used above is from the newest Moda designers Cosmo Cricket called

Circa 1934. Kind of a different retro feel in color with some funky design that was fun to work with!

The most popular sample that Darci has sewn up seems to be her design of
Paton's Crossing
featuring fun fall fabric with a great center pieced section.
This is a quick quilt, table topper, wall-hanging to sew up especially if you have a great border fabric to show off!!

She also sewed up another "Pinwheel Twist" out of Jovial (BasicGrey for Moda) holiday fabrics. It has been so much fun to see how much this pattern changes with various charm pack collections!!

This is one of our Quilt MN samples featuring the large focal piece of fabric and what seems to be the most favorite piece people talk about: green pine cone fabrics.

Simple cross quilting designs make this a quick quilt to piece & quilt.

The second quilt for Quilt MN.

This features the block pattern we intend to give to all hoppers, various photo scenes from the focal fabrics and both of the border stripes. This is a great lap size quilt!!

And of course we have a nice pile of works in progress and "yet to do" list before the hop begins in just a little over a week.

We hope that you all have been enjoying the summer sunshine that we seem to be having a nice amount of and that you have had a moment or two to sneak in some sewing!

Until next time. . .

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