Friday, August 26

We're Back. . .

We're finally back in action!! Sadly, it's almost been a whole month since I've taken a moment to grab a camera and get you a re-cap of what we have been working on.

You'll have to hang in there with me on this one as the creative juices just don't quite seem to be flowing today. . .

We'll start by saying THANK YOU to all of the wonderful people who came into the shop during the state hop. It was quite a couple weeks and we enjoyed almost every minute of it!! We have found ourselves ever so slowly trying to get back into the loop of being able to create a mess for new sewing projects!!!
We showed our apron in the last post and were THRILLED by the number of names that accumulated on it. If anyone was curious-the farthest place listed was Japan and as the 50 states are concerned Alaska was the farthest out. It was always fun to find out where everyone was from and how they came about coming to travel our Minnesota shops.

Darci began her sewing by grabbing a jelly roll. This is the first project she's done using one of them and I believe she had fun putting this one together. The quilt itself has really generated a lot of interest in the shop, and once it's quilted I promise a better picture!!

Just in time for the holidays, this uses a jelly roll specific pattern by Sandy Gervais and her holiday fabric collection called "Reindeer Games"

I firstly want to apologize for the photo--believe me no matter how hard I try and retake the picture it uploads like this. . .and today I am going to let technology win.
However, I want to point out the intended object, being the quilt, out of Ruby by Bonnie & Camille and the wonderful Chenille-It bias strips.
If you are ever in need of a quick gift grab a charm pack (or two--we used 2 in this one) and sew them together, layer it with batting and backing and lay chenille-it strips over your seam lines. Sew in the ditch (or the center of the chenille strips) as best you can, bind, wash, dry & enjoy!
Really--it's that simple!!

Moving on to something a bit more involved is our Christmas Star.

This is taken out of the book "Make It Merry" by Whimsicals and used her holiday fabrics.

I have never done anything with 'y' seams so this was a challenge for me, and I am thrilled with how it turned out. Is is perfect? No. But I can say that I did it, have my hair, and even better yet a table topper for the holidays!!

Yes, after getting this together, I believe that if you have any desire to sew a pattern that has those darn "y" seams be brave and go for it! With a well written pattern, your determination, a bit of patience, I think that you too, can be as delighted as I was with how it worked!

Our Busy Binder was out of work during the state hop with our no sewing and all
so she resorted to doing some wonderful fall embroidery projects!!

This pattern above is a new one by This & That and is part of something that can be added into a quilt, found on her blog, or as we are planning to do, be simply framed.

Crabapple Hill.

I think the name pretty much says it all--she is so well known for fabulous stitchery!

"Autumn's Harvest Pumpkin" doesn't disappoint!!

Of course we had to do some looking for some "fun" new stuff and the UPS man earned some smiles with a couple fun deliveries this week!

Rooftop Garden.

Quite a different color selection for Shades of the Past but it's always fun to step out of the box and into something more modern and bright.

"Wool & Needle Flannels"

These. Are. Simply. Wonderful.

We have charm packs & layer cakes--what a wonderful duo for making a cozy quilt for the cool fall (or snowy winter) nights!!

And of course we saved the best (?) show and tell for last!

Yep--it came in, at least some of it anyways.

Little Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings.

These are--FABULOUS fabrics to add into a stash.

Such rich color choices with simple pattern designs to delight any quilter's stash!

Definitely a must see.

Yardage hasn't come in yet but we have charm packs and fat quarters to get your creative juices flowing!

Until next time, hope you all have been having a wonderful summer. With school starting in just a couple of weeks it's hard to believe just how quickly this summer has went by!

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