Wednesday, September 21

Hoo-Hoo-Hoo is still out there with us in blog land?

After nearly a month we suspect we may hear the sound of crickets about right about now . . .

Although we could give a thousand excuses as to why it's taken so long

(sewing up new projects-sending out pattern orders--spending a week at the racetrack-vending a quilt show-designing new patterns-rearranging the shop--on so on and so forth)

we will share with you our happenings now

A couple weeks ago we both noticed this little walnut in the center of our welcome heart. Thinking it was one of the neighbor guys being clever we ignored it until they asked us why we would put one there? Hmm...I guess the squirrels wanted to leave a hello to us. At any rate that was our first glimpse, falling walnuts, that fall has, and is upon us :)

The berries on this tree had shown that at one point too--before the birds ate them all.

I was ecstatic that I finally got my Kodak moment with the tree before the birds did! I just love seeing this little guy with vibrant orange/red berries in the fall of the year.

The fall of the year also brings the end to the racing season. Lacey spent most of last week sitting out in Huron, SD for the Wissota 100. Her and the rest of the group had, for the most part, a wonderful time out there again as usual. And now that's she is back and focused, blogging and sewing new samples should be done at more regular intervals!!

While Lacey was sitting in the mud, Darci was sitting at the local quilt show in Willmar.

The above project was her little make-it, take-it project there and is something that has been bringing a lot of interest in the shop. If you are looking for a quick little fall hanging this is a perfect project for you!!

For those of you following the monthly wool Penny Around projects, this is the newest creation for it. Simply called Sunflowers, this was inspired by the abundance of these flowers in the road ditches at the end of our driveway and throughout the country side.

Northern Cardinal.

This is simply wonderful winter fabric and the quilt is quite rich in its own little way when you see it in person.

Both of us gals were brave one afternoon before the races & quilt show and spent the extra time mitering our corners. Darci on the Northern Cardinal above, and Lacey on one not shown here. It's amazing how sometimes that little extra time in the border detail can make that quilt. Between the two of us we decided that mitering corners wasn't bad, and what was even better than our approval of them was that of the Busy Binder's!!

Above is one of our newest creations called Spinning in Circles which was created by total accident. The fabulous fabrics used (Lacey's new favorite fabric designers) is Hometown by Sweetwater.

Speaking of Hometown fabrics by Sweetwater. . .

Our front window display devoted to Sweetwater fabrics.

The large quilt is called "Merge Ahead" by Gathering Friends. This is a large lap sized quilt, or as Lacey would like to think, one that would maybe fit part of her bed.
Spinning in Circles is off to the right and the bag on top of the quilt has become the new customer bag favorite! We are out of patterns so I can't share the name of it with you or who it's by (next post will have the details) but his bag is loaded with pockets, both inside and out and is perfect for a fun day out with friends shopping, or to carry your projects around in for the gatherings at your local quilt shop.

This is our newest wool felt sample just in time for Christmas by Bunny Hugs.
This elegant project would look wonderful adorning a classic holiday table.

And lastly. . .

This is a bright stepping WAY out of the Pastthyme box sample.
"Rooftop Garden" is its name.

Us gals spent a majority of the day laughing as this sample was being sewn.

(Just for the record--Lacey did not order this one on her own and we both though it would be a bit more. . .muted?) But at any rate Barney got finished and has been fun conversation piece and breath of fresh air.

Next weeks post shall be a bit more exciting as both of us gals and Phyllis head up to Bemidji for the Willow Wood Market's "Junk Market". We promise pictures of our road trip up there, and of the junk market as well as the new samples are currently working on.

Until next time, remember

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!" ~Audrey Hepburn

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