Friday, October 28

How about that. We got a post in back to back weeks!!

There isn't a whole lot of fun show and tell from the shop this week as it seems as the week got away from us, but with a busy one next week I want to share what we have accomplished!!

This week has been a busy one.

We celebrate a lot of birthday is our family during the month of October. Joe & Lacey celebrated back to back this week.

For Lacey's birthday she went musky fishing with her dad up in Alexandria. They took "little b" with them for her first experience out on the waters. (She's a typically a bird dog)

Upon arriving at the lake, they noticed the docks had been pulled out. They got the boat and trailer in the water, helped little B get in, and pushed it out off the trailer only to find out that as Lacey tugged on the rope it broke, sending her falling flat on her butt with the long end of the rope in her hand, a little dog slowly floating out to sea. Luckily dad had quick reactions and waded into the cold water to get the boat before it floated too far out. Upon regaining their composure after a good hard laugh at what just happened, they got things going and had a wonderful day. Little B was quite nervous (do you blame her?) after that and spent most of her day pacing from Lacey to dad and "talking" the whole time.

We decided she might have fun getting to play fetch in the water in a wooded area with no homes and shallow water. Little b LOVES to play, especially when it involves water!!

Anyways. . .back to quilting

In our last post (or two) ago we showed Abbott's Hope pattern.

We decided we needed to see one that didn't have snowflakes on it, so we used the new fabrics by Whimsicals in a new table topper. This really is a quick and quite fun pattern to piece together.

Lacey has really enjoyed working with Whimsicals fabrics this week and has spent most of her time working with a holiday panel and side wall hanging projects.

This has a small, funky dimensional inner border around the sleigh

This has a really cool rick-rack effect when you step away from it.

Generations. Quilting.

What two wonderful words to put together. The quilt that Darci is currently working on is a row quilt that she designing by choosing blocks based upon the life of her grandmother.

Generations & Quilting. We've talked about how the thread her grandmother started with has wound its way into future generations through her daughter, granddaughter & great-granddaughter. It's fun to share such a common thread with one another!

We'll have show and tell of this quilt, hopefully next week, once it's finished. We can't wait to share!


Event Reminder

We are having a Trick-or-Treat sale in the shop on Monday Oct. 31

from 3pm - 7pm

We will be doing demos on the hour, every hour that evening as well as having

Trick or Treat grab bags for $5.00


if you dress up in a Halloween costume you'll receive 20% off your purchases of

$10.00 and more

Both of us gals are gearing up for the evening by putting finishing touches on our costumes and finding some spoooktacular treats to eat!


Until next time,

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine"


Wednesday, October 19

Hello again. Once again it's been a while!!

We've had a fun few weeks here in the shop working on some new samples and taking our show out on the road!

With our busy schedule we sort of feel like we've been chasing ourselves into circles.

Speaking of which, we've had a lot of fun working with those circles.

If you like orange peel quilts we have a fabulous new tool that makes them fun!

It's called "Leaves Galore" and allows you to cut out at least four different "leaf" or "peel" sizes to applique with. It also gives direction for cutting lemon shaped leaves & twisting ribbons.

We are planning to demo this fun new arrival on our Halloween sale on the 31st!

In an effort to get more stuff accomplished, Darci decided to see how it would work using 2 needles to stitch instead of 1. Doesn't it sound like you'd get twice as much done?!?

Guess it caused more confusion than anything and it was decided slow and steady wins the race.

Speaking of racing. . .if you are in dire need to get to St. Cloud (or St. Joseph) for a quilt show we highly suggest following the marked Detour route posted by Paynesville!!

A couple weeks ago we took a scenic route that brought us into Albany. It was a very pretty drive through the country and we decided it was much more peaceful than the route given to us to follow. So come last Friday (under a big time crunch as we left the shop an hour late and had about five hours to get to the show, wait to unpack, set the booth up, grab supper and rush to Maynard to the high school homecoming football game by half-time) we decided to attempt the same route. The only problem was that we may have turned too early.

Instead of arriving in Albany we arrived in Richmond. . .no big deal right?! Wrong. We turned left (the navigator thinking we were headed towards Avon to hook 94) and ended up back-tracking through the (pretty) countryside through Farming and into---Albany. (Some of you may be confused by this but try Map Questing the Richmond to Albany route and you'll see we drove quite a ways out of our way back-tracking to get to Albany) NOT a time saver!!!

While thinking we were still fine, we approached slow moving traffic that eventually turned into stop and go until we came a halt once we all got funnelled down into a single lane of traffic. Making up time on I-94 that day was not an option and we sat and watched the minutes clicking by on the clock while we crept and stopped through what seemed like a million miles of road construction. We'll just say that we may have run out of patience and were both a bit crabby when we arrived to the show to set up. (which is a story itself but we'll save you from that!)

After the experiences we had the day before, we decided to take the planned route.

And, of course we got stuck behind slow traffic and wound up arriving to the show

about 20 minutes late. Panicking as we seen the line waiting to get in, and flustered to find the booth plump full of people without us. By noon we feared we'd run out of stuff to sell.

Seemed as if our day was starting like it had the day before. . .

To relieve a little stress we decided to scope the quilt displays out.

The above picture (that doesn't do justice to the actual quilt) is of one of the most

beautiful Mexican Star quilt patterns done.

Tall, Dark & Ransom.

Isn't that a cool pattern name?

It was fun seeing such dark drab colors in a funky design like this one!

Remember my last post from Bemidji having pics of quilts that are pieced together based upon a cross stitch pattern? Well the lady had the peacock there and this boat.

There was over 17,000 little squares to this baby!

This quilt had a really, really eye catching effect if you stood across the room from it.

It literally looked like the boat was going to sail out of the quilt!

You lose that effect walking up close to the quilt and the photo can't do justice.

This lady could have a quilt show of her own--her pieces are very unique.

The design of this intrigued me.

And the quilting (below) was exceptional.

I cannot imagine having that vision to quilt a solid piece of fabric the way this lady could and give it a dimension all of it's own. What a talent!

See what I mean?

We capped off our day by celebrating success with eats at Red Lobster in St. Cloud and a bit of shopping. As we arrived to eat we racked our brains trying to find a person back at home to order pictures for patterns that we had sold out of---Darci's original patterns of course! This was an almost impossible task as Lacey is the guru of uploading and ordering all the pics.

To our luck, we made contact with Phyllis who agreed to try her best to make the order for us so we could pick them up on our swing home. While we nervously sat wondering how it was going, wishing we had Internet connection on our phones, our waiter (who wasn't that bad looking!!) so sweetly gave Lacey his phone to try and order the pics. We sat with it the whole time we were there trying to get the order to send through, and in the end didn't have the heart to tell him we failed getting it to send. Talk about an awesome act of kindness from a person his age!

That seemed like a nice way to end the day. Success at the show and finding a young person who was truly kind to people he'd never met. Just when we thought it couldn't get any better Lacey received incredible mail from Joe Mauer.

Yep. Joe. Mauer. That cute, famous baseball player for the Twins!!

A year before, her Sunday school class wrote Joe letters in hopes we'd hear back. They all gave up hope of hearing back, and to to her (and their surprise next week) got personalized postcards back from him answering all the questions the kids asked in their letters. Talk about a truly amazing guy. How many professional athletes will take time to answer fan mail in the way that he did, personalized to each individual, with a signed signature on the front of the postcard with his photo, and on the back under his typed name?
Lacey (and her class) will probably hold on to those forever.

On Tuesday we celebrated a 75th Birthday by taking a trip to Stillwater, MN.
What a pretty city!
We took the trolley ride (highly recommended if you like that kind of stuff) and were lucky enough to see a tour boat go under the lift bridge.

Beings we only had four passengers we got to see the grand tour of the many beautiful mansions in the city. This one, now in the Marvin (windows) family has a gorgeous view of the long, wide, flowing river. This is the only spot in town where the sidewalks and parking lot are heated so they don't have to shovel. Isn't that handy?

The guy in the photo--he's hand painting the house! Every place has such ornate detailing that has all been painted (with a little brush) by hand.

This boat, sitting near the lift bridge was used during 9/11.

It was the transport to bring medics and other personal through the harbor to land.

This was one of the first trips the four of us gals took

and will hopefully be an annual trip. Happy Birthday Grandma!

Now. . .onto our new show and tell!!

This is the newest fabric that has come in by Whimsicals.

This is the main panel, with 2 accompanying ones.

This wall hanging is featured in her book Buttons & Blossoms.

These little guys were the big hit at market.

They are stretched canvas boards by BasicGrey and have LOTS of

possibilities. This one is Darci's.

She stitched the wool squares and buttons down in the centers and glued some

lace and buttons around the border. Hers has been distressed.

Lacey did the quick route and used left over charm squares to fuse circles down.

She did do a little bead work in the center of hers.

This board was not distressed.

With winter coming, Cardinals become a popular bird.

This one, by Lakeview Primitives, is the newest wool sample to adorn our walls.

Speaking of wool, we tried a new idea of "rolling" pennies with 1/4" strips of wool,

or in the sample above wool felt. This is something to look for as Darci's wheels have been spinning with many ideas of what to do with these quick and dimensional pennies!!

Fire Escape.

We've laughed while putting this together.

Partly because Lacey couldn't read the directions to save her soul and partly because if you think about a fire escape it should be an easy route to safety. The quilt may not be a route to safety but it was certainly quick to do and fun. We put chenille on the back to give that whole idea a try and although it works well for some. . .this was not one of them!


Just in time for Thanksgiving.

Notice those leaves. . .this was the sample Darci tried to stitch with 2 needles.

Sheep are popular with those of us who like wool.

Pumpkins in the Patch was also a new project from Darci.


This was probably the most popular of the wool designs in St. Cloud.

The little owl in the tree seems to make it!


(I'm sure some of you are wrinkling your nose in disgust)

But believe it or not I actually seen some of them feeding the dog Wednesday morning!

This is my Abbott's Hope pattern, inspired by the floor tiles at Abbott Northwestern Hospital's floor down in the surgical waiting room.

And last but not least, is Northern Cardinal.

Featuring the ever popular Chickadees and Cardinals by Holly Taylor.

This is a wonderful lap sized quilt for the cold winter nights.

Now that racing season has come to and end for Lacey and we are done with quilt shows for a while we hope to make this blogging thing a bit more regular. We have been busy working on some fun new projects to share with you next time! Until then, happy quilting!