Friday, October 28

How about that. We got a post in back to back weeks!!

There isn't a whole lot of fun show and tell from the shop this week as it seems as the week got away from us, but with a busy one next week I want to share what we have accomplished!!

This week has been a busy one.

We celebrate a lot of birthday is our family during the month of October. Joe & Lacey celebrated back to back this week.

For Lacey's birthday she went musky fishing with her dad up in Alexandria. They took "little b" with them for her first experience out on the waters. (She's a typically a bird dog)

Upon arriving at the lake, they noticed the docks had been pulled out. They got the boat and trailer in the water, helped little B get in, and pushed it out off the trailer only to find out that as Lacey tugged on the rope it broke, sending her falling flat on her butt with the long end of the rope in her hand, a little dog slowly floating out to sea. Luckily dad had quick reactions and waded into the cold water to get the boat before it floated too far out. Upon regaining their composure after a good hard laugh at what just happened, they got things going and had a wonderful day. Little B was quite nervous (do you blame her?) after that and spent most of her day pacing from Lacey to dad and "talking" the whole time.

We decided she might have fun getting to play fetch in the water in a wooded area with no homes and shallow water. Little b LOVES to play, especially when it involves water!!

Anyways. . .back to quilting

In our last post (or two) ago we showed Abbott's Hope pattern.

We decided we needed to see one that didn't have snowflakes on it, so we used the new fabrics by Whimsicals in a new table topper. This really is a quick and quite fun pattern to piece together.

Lacey has really enjoyed working with Whimsicals fabrics this week and has spent most of her time working with a holiday panel and side wall hanging projects.

This has a small, funky dimensional inner border around the sleigh

This has a really cool rick-rack effect when you step away from it.

Generations. Quilting.

What two wonderful words to put together. The quilt that Darci is currently working on is a row quilt that she designing by choosing blocks based upon the life of her grandmother.

Generations & Quilting. We've talked about how the thread her grandmother started with has wound its way into future generations through her daughter, granddaughter & great-granddaughter. It's fun to share such a common thread with one another!

We'll have show and tell of this quilt, hopefully next week, once it's finished. We can't wait to share!


Event Reminder

We are having a Trick-or-Treat sale in the shop on Monday Oct. 31

from 3pm - 7pm

We will be doing demos on the hour, every hour that evening as well as having

Trick or Treat grab bags for $5.00


if you dress up in a Halloween costume you'll receive 20% off your purchases of

$10.00 and more

Both of us gals are gearing up for the evening by putting finishing touches on our costumes and finding some spoooktacular treats to eat!


Until next time,

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine"


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