Tuesday, November 8


Today is a special day.

Today is the only day we have the chance to write down 11.11.11 as our date.

I suspect many weddings, and some birthdays will be celebrated tonight.

But, today's date is more special than just because of numbers, today is special because it's Veteran's Day.

Driving into our little prairie town you find a main street with yellow ribbon signs with names of the military men & women currently serving our country and an American flag flying on every light pole. Simple and nice. We, like many of you, have friends and family who have, and are serving our wonderful country. It's important that we all take a moment, especially today, to thank them and their families for the sacrifices they make to keep us free.

We are still working on and creating fall samples here in the shop as we do acknowledge that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas. (I don't mean this to be a "burn" but we find that it gets a bit much seeing Christmas trees, lights, decorations all over department stores stores the first week of October--but I'll hop off my box) The above pattern is designed by Bonnie from Willow Wood Market in Bemidji.

Yes-we have hopped on the holiday train (beings it's November now) and have some new samples, some for just the winter season, and some more holiday specific.

The wool nativity stitchery is a Little Bits by Joan and is a very quick sampler to stitch up.

Lots of new winter woolies.

The reddish/pink gift box can be used as either a ornament for your tree, or you can add a pocket on the back and add cash or gift cards for the gift giving season.

The center of the photo of the snowman with the trees is a little woolie that can hang on a six-inch Ackfield frame, will fit on our Penny Around base, or can easily be used standing alone. The pattern for him is by Jana at Thistle Seed Primitives in Walker.

The snowman pictured at right, is another by Darci that has a few different functions as well. It can be hung on a five or six inch Ackfield hanger, or the back can be left open and you can put in your i-phone, cell phone, glasses, etc., or it too can be left to stand alone.

The ornaments at the top are the cutest snow family in town! The pattern is by Rachel T. Pellman and it creates a mom, dad, daughter, son, cat & dog to adorn your Christmas tree. The ornaments are super quick to stitch up and are great to use up some of your scrap pieces.

This little fellow was a HUGE topic of conversation at Woolie Wednesday.

This is a pattern by One Wing Wool from Saint Michael, MN.

This little guy is suppose to be a little lamb, however after lots of laughter with our group of gals we've decided it might not be as clear as we had once thought.

Donkey-Alpaca-Lamb-Goat...what do you think it looks like?

This crazy stocking came from our trip out and about to Bemidji in September.

This new pattern from Pam at Cotton Tales in Hackensack, MN is perfect for all of you crazy quilt lovers. This is all done up out of wool, and can work perfect for larger wool scraps that you may have accumulated from other projects.

Now. . . some new fabric arrivals!

The above fabric may be a step out of the box for Darci but fits us well.
Who knew the little dog in our last post would get to be so popular!!
For anybody looking to make a male in their family a quilt (and has found it difficult to locate fabric that is not full of flowers) may be able to find this suitable for a project. It is filled with hunting references and will be an easy pull for adding in other earth tone colors.
Check back for the progress of Darci's quilt!!

We were feeling fortunate to get some of the wonderful

Collections for a Cause: Comfort

Kind of civil war in feel, but very pretty pieces to play with!!

Late Bloomers.

This is a fabric line that both of us gals have been in love with. It has fabulous & rich color tones to play with and Lacey has absolutely been enjoying sewing her project up with it. . .

. . .here's a little teaser until Lacey gets the quilt top and borders finished! It's been really popular for those who have seen it in progress so you'll want to make sure you see the finished result :)

Until next time remember

"Life is like a riding a bicycle- in order to keep your balance you must keep moving"

~Albert Einstein

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